Monday, June 27, 2011

The process of doing

I guess without a home computer and without all the photos I'd been saving on it (and consequently deleting from my camera), the only thing I'm able to do right now is wax poetic on gardening and life topics. Lucky you for happening upon this post!

Yesterday was my birthday and I received my birthday request - to have a full day's worth of uninterrupted gardening. I did hear one loud, "MOOOOM!!!", but then silence, so someone must have taken care of it.

The task of the day was to complete the weeding of the front perennial bed. As I was on hands and knees meditatively pulling weeds near the blueberry shrubs in the front, I had a brilliant idea. Rather than keeping the small area near the front door clear of plants so that I could step into the garden to pick blueberries, I would instead place a few stepping stones in the bed. This would be not only practical, but pretty to look at and also cut back on the amount of weeds I'd have to pull. This doesn't sound very profoundish. I know.

The simple idea of adding a few stepping stones would never have occurred to me if I weren't on my hands and knees pulling weeds. Here's the thing. I'm a planner. I'm extremely organized. When I get a new wallet, each slot needs to be designated to hold something. In garden terms, this means everything is pretty played out in my head - the colors, the height, the space, etc. I'm not saying everything looks great, but for my taste and within the confines of my artistic ability, there's a place for each plant, and each plant is in it's place. I know this because I stand outside with pencil and paper and sketch out a plan. I sit indoors and sift through catalogs and books and get it ALL FIGURED OUT.

The profoundish part is this: I'm working on a project that is very ambitious and fairly creative. I apologize for being vague - but it's one of those I-don't-want-to-jinx-it kind of things. For the first time in my life, I'm procrastinating. But I know why I'm procrastinating. It's because for the first time in my life, I'm afraid that I won't be able to do what I'm hoping to be able to do. The idea is well thought out. I know because I've drafted it. I've talked about it. I've dreamt about it. What I haven't done, is execute it. For about 2 years now, my friend Nicole has been telling me the equivalent of "You have to just do it". She has explained to me - in a way that only an artist is able to fully explain - this is a creative process and in the process of DOING it, all kinds of wonderful things happen - things take shape and things change shape. This was the jist of it - less eloquently said I'm sure.

So as I whiled away the day, I saw elements of the garden that I would never have noticed standing with a piece of paper, trying to design the perfect layout. However, sitting on the ground with hands in the dirt, I saw the soil in a different way, viewed the blueberry shrubs at a different level, and through the process of doing, a practical little stone path was revealed to me.

Now if I can just apply this to my project and cut the freaking procrastination and fear, I'll be in good shape!


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WENDY!! Good luck with your super secret project! I'm glad you got some me time on your birthday and maybe some inspiration to JUST DO IT! Good luck with it. I know you'll rock it out!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Wendy! Good luck with your project! It sound so interesting!

  3. Nooooo, so, so sorry to her about your computer (especially the photos, my biggest fear), hope they can be recovered. Hope your b'day was as great as it sounds.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry you are having computer really sucks (I hate when my computer crashes)! good luck on your project!

  5. Happy birthday, Wendy dear. I hope your garden time was pure bliss. It sounds like your ideas are firming up in your mind. Pretty soon the need to implement them will outweigh the fear and procrastination--which, I believe, are part of the process. I look forward to reading about your project.

  6. Wendy, way to go! Hope all your wishes (birthday wishes!) will come true :-D

  7. a profoundish post deserves a profoundish comment: maybe this is the project and you've already started it! Happy birthday, and happy procrastinating.

  8. Happy late b-day wishes, Wendy.
    Hope it was fun!
    I wish you luck in your mysterious endeavor.

  9. Hi Wendy. Happy belated birthday :) Hope you were able to get as much done as possible in your garden. I have been procrastinating for months on tending my garden and now it looks like a weed wasteland. When the weather gets sunny, I'll have to start 'beautifying' my garden again.

  10. Happy Birthday Wendy and more to come. Hope your wishes in your garden will come out soonest.


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