Friday, June 10, 2011

GTTC - shrimp & grits and berry pie (and clematis rooguchi)

I don't get to appreciate clematis rooguchi nearly enough since it's tucked away in the deep shade garden, so I thought I'd feature it first.


This week's Garden to Table Challenge was pretty exciting for me. Shrimp and grits is a family favorite. I make the sauce with a heavy amount of butter and garlic, but have always been in a quandary over how to how to produce a greater amount of sauce without adding sticks of butter. I was so happy to find that making a broth from shrimp shells like (I think - but please correct me if I'm wrong) Holly from Tasty Travels did in a different dish, created a greater volume of sauce, a more flavorful sauce, and no additional fat. The fresh-from-the-garden snow peas and sugar snaps sauteed were an amazing addition.

And for dessert, there was the last of the strawberries, a small quantity of rhubarb, and wild mulberries. With some granny smith apples added...

... a delicious summer berry pie! We all fought for the single leftover piece. It almost got ugly, but the father made everyone share. Here's the recipe ...

What are YOU harvesting and cooking this week? Post, include a link to Greenish Thumb, link below, and let us know about it. I love your ideas and as you can see, they really inspire me!


  1. Looks great. Shrimp was on the menu for tinight but to warm to cook so we are going to do a salad instead. I'll try to post.

  2. I just woke up and your congee with shrimps and peas is the food I would love to have... yum!

  3. Shrimp and peas look delish! I love the delicate look of clematis.

  4. That pie looks so great! And the grits are really pretty too!

  5. I've never made shrimp and grits before. It looks yummy. That pie looks awesome. I'm so jealous that you have a wild mulberry bush. Growing up, there was one in the neighbor's yard and we used to munch on the berries. Shhhh. I'll have to try this recipe.

  6. I lost my Rooguchi a few years ago. Yours looks great. Yummy food you've got featured.

  7. Mmmm...I've never had shrimp and grits before. It looks delicious!! Okay I'm not sure that was me. I tried to think where I've used shrimp to make a sauce. Maybe it was the cioppino or gumbo?? Or it maybe someone else! LOL!

  8. The peas look fresh and fabulous on the shrimp & grits. I always order that when I see it on a restaurant menu, but never tried to make it. Our peas are finished - we only harvested for about 10 days.

    And the pie looks fabulous too. I'm making a resolution to have more fruit in the garden.

    I think it was me that mentioned the shrimp shell broth. I do this all the time when I make garlic shrimp.

  9. Looking at your shrimp and grit and think it will be a good meal for winter. Delicious pie!

  10. mouth watering dishes, i love the shrimp and peas. It can also be added with cashew nuts and become more healthy!


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