Friday, June 17, 2011

GTTC - chicken and daylily stir-fry

This week, the daylily buds are prolific not only in the garden border but also on the dinner table. Daylilies are called "gum jum fa" in Chinese - literally translated as "golden needle flower". The prized yellow buds are available in Asian supermarkets dried, and for the noodle soup dish above, that will do. For the stir fry in the bottom right corner, I would use only fresh daylily buds. In this dish, they're eaten as a vegetable, add an al dente-like bite, and have just a very hint of sweetness. I love this typical Chinese stir fry with the abundance of yellow flowers and loaded up with cilantro. Here's the recipe and more on growing and cooking gum jum fa. For more info on the daylily, also see Autumn Belle's post here.

A note on the noodle making machine - it's a gorgeous old piece and older than I am. It's mesmerizing to watch noodles being made. Also above is a photo of sea cucumbers - a crazy little sea animal that Chinese people love to eat. It's really a matter of texture rather than taste, and despite the very high price tag, when it's chopped and cooked, tastes like little pieces of unflavored gelatin. I'n not a connoisseur and I could really take it or leave it (or pick it out - which is what I often do).

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  1. I'm hoping for some strawberry U-pick next week. Since it's not exactly "garden" I don't know if this counts. :) I've never eaten daylily buds before. How interesting.

  2. Never knew that daylily can be eaten. Fun collage you have there!

  3. Wow! I never knew daylilies were edible. I have some in my yard. Are there only certain types or are all daylilies edible?? Cool!! Thanks for posting this.

  4. Love your daylily collage!

    The stir-fry looks delicious. I'd need to find a patch of ditch daylilies to try it. Or dig some up from the roadside and start my own patch.

  5. Nice to be back and love getting some new cooking ideas. Daylilies!!

  6. Oh Wendy, that sounds great. I have been reading about daylilies being eaten, however i am not familiar with it, am not sure if we have it in the country. Or maybe i am just eating the dry form, maybe that's what we call 'banana flower', which are really not like any banana flower at all.

  7. There are different opinions on which daylilies can be eaten. We stick with the common yellow daylily.


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