Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Technology, a perennial pain in my ass (20 reasons why I'm angry)

I think that comparatively speaking, I'm solidly average when it comes to technology.  I know some basic stuff and think it's cool when technology helps me.  However, the snags that inevitably come with that coolness are incredibly frustrating.  I was so angry today I stopped myself from cursing at the poor tech support guy that was just trying to make a buck helping someone out on the phone.  I literally felt anger...wash...over...me.  Here it is in sum...

  1. A few weeks ago, a website I included on this blog was supposedly infected with malware.  It checked out by Google and was legit, but IIIIII ended up still being stuck with the "Warning! This blog may damage your computer!" attached to my blog (thanks to those of you who told me!!!).
  2. I remove the link and click the button that says "Get Google to take another look at this.  Just verify the ownership of this blog with one easy step". 
  3. I click and don't have the password or customer number.  The screen says call Godaddy.  
  4. I call Godaddy.  They tell me I have to call Google Apps.  
  5. I call Google Apps.  They tell me to call Godaddy.  I start to get very very angry.  
  6. I call Godaddy.  A woman is very helpful, and we're finally getting somewhere after about 40 minutes.  Then we're disconnected.  Guess what?  I'm angry.  
  7. I call back.  There's no way they can figure out who talked to me before.  This new man is very eager to help me and it takes another 40 minutes to get back to where I was with the other woman.  After 2 hours, I end up renewing my domain and because there's a sale, I end up renewing for 5 years, and saving some money.  I spend a little over $100, and I'm not quite sure how this helps me.  I think the plan is, we're switching my blog from Google Apps to Godaddy.  I now have the correct password and customer number and can probably do step 2 above.  (I feel a little like I've been robbed and it makes me a little angry, but I can't focus on this now...)
  8. A week later, when I get confirmation that the transaction has been successful, I do step 2 above. 
  9. The malware warning is removed!!!  Yay!!!  But...instead of my blog, I get a "Godaddy has parked your blog here".  WTF?  It's an advertisement page for Godaddy.  I remember the eager tech support guy said the blog could go down for a short while, but not to worry.  
  10. I check every day for about a week.  I am not worried, but...getting increasingly angry.  
  11. I call Godaddy and they tell me, "Oooooh, you just paid for the domain for 5 years.  The blog has not been moved over".  WHAT???  Why would any person pay for a domain for 5 years and not want their mother(beeping) blog moved over?  This is when the twinge in my back starts (that's the anger washing over me).  He puts me on hold for like 5 minutes.  Honestly, I think he's just being an ass because I was a little rude to him.  I guess he's justified.  Anyway, he finally sends me a link which resolves the problem.  The DNS needed to be pointed to the new domain, and some kind of ware server or MX thing or some shit like that needed to be done.  Who knows.  The point is, PHEW!! I'm back!!!  

By the way, I'm also very angry because I got a horrendous haircut by a new and expensive hairdresser.  It might have been fine, except at one point, I said, "Oh, Kally sent me".  And then guess what.  She gave me Kally's haircut - even though I brought pictures of Kristen Wiig circa Bridesmaids - in 3 different angles!  Now Kally's hair is lovely, but on me, it is literally a short and puffy mullet.  Short puffy mullets on my head make me ANGRY.  


Now that I'm officially blogging again, I can go back to making cheesy puns about perennials followed by pretty photos.  Below is some of my summer garden...

And you know...when made a plan for this post, I hoped to vent a little, then end with some positivity.  BUT, I couldn't get these last photos to move up in the post so alas, I need to end...angrily.  My bela lugosi daylily, which I never saw last year because of the deer, bloomed beautifully for a short while a week or so ago.  The moment I  lost a little diligence with spraying them, the deer had their buffet with bela lugosi as the main course.  See that deer standing on my neighbor's front door step begging for lilies?

On the left, a big limb from our storm that not only damaged my wall that I'm fearful to (not be able to) fix, but also knocked out power for 6 days.  There was a heat wave going on in Maryland, and even the basement was beginning to get hot.  We slept down there because it was the only room that was not sweltering, but due to the lack of power (and lack of dehumidifier running), it was damp.  My memory foam pillow was literally damp.  And who would not be angry about sleeping on a damp pillow?!

Oh - but here's some good news.  My beach week is quickly approaching.  Now that I know this blog is safely residing here on this AWESOME DOMAIN (that I've purchased for 5 years), I'll let it rest for a week or two.  Hopefully I'll return as my normal, cheerful, grateful self!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

GTTC: yellow raspberry vinaigrette

Brave you for pushing on through despite the MALWARE WARNING!  Apparently a link I added had some suspected malware on their site, but the other site turned out to be perfectly innocuous, and I removed the link anyway, but now Greenish Thumb is marred by the experience!  Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to get rid of the warning - please help if you know how to do this!  

We've been out of touch for a while due to the 6 day power loss after a crazy scary storm we had here.  Before that, I'd been harvesting my yellow 'Anne" raspberries every day or so.  This arugula salad with bacon, pine nuts, and gorgonzola was awesome dressed in a raspberry vinaigrette.  It's been a good week an a half, but I believe the dressing was just olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and a small handful of raspberries.  Such a great lunch!

What's on your plate for lunch today? Link below and tell us about it!

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