Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kombucha update #3 and repurposing cans

I did not think there would be be a third update on kombucha. In case you missed it, here's the kombucha on day one and here's the daughter SCOBY that was produced a couple weeks later. In my last post, I admitted that I would not be a regular kombucha tea drinker, especially after I used the kombocha as fruit fly bait in a homemade trap of this sort. Well, in my third update, I would like to inform you that it is not necessary to begin with a SCOBY to produce more SCOBYs. Floating at the top of the fruit fly trap, is a SCOBY with four dead (hopefully) fruit flies carefully preserved within. KIINNNDDDAAAA scary. I decided to spare you the photo.

However, I did decide to share a photo of these cute containers (guess they'd be cuter if they were planted) outside El Carbon, a great little Latin American restaurant. Best pupusas. Ever.


  1. I really miss the good DC-area Latino restaurants when we're in central Virginia. Al Carbon looks great (I just checked out their website) - hope I can talk the spouse into a trip there sometime when we're up north.

  2. hahaha, you should see the container for my fruit fly attractant! It's not as artistic but gets lots and lots of captured fruit flies.

  3. I have seen people do this with mailboxes. Now where can I get tin snips that will cut through metal that thick? :)
    I once tried some Kombucha from the store. It was okay and I did not die. I was worried about the floaters.

  4. I like the containers, but am puzzling over how they opened the cans that way, leaving top and bottom intact while creating a kind of door in the side. Seems like it would be a messy proposition.

  5. I sure like those containers. I think a pretty lobelia cascading over the side would be nice. Perhaps you can suggest this to the restaurant's proprietor. Thank you for sparing us the details on the dead fruit flies. :)


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