Thursday, March 15, 2012

GBBD - March 2012

My hellebores have had a haircut and look fantastic! They're lovely from the sidewalk, but the best way to view them is really floating in a bowl. Hellebores were pretty huge at the Philadelphia flower show. I must admit that I have a few speckled varieties that blow anything else I've ever seen away.

The vinca is flowering and stretching out, but they're supposed to be growing over the wall, not reaching back towards the slope.

Yeah, I'm really done holding out for snow. The green halo peony is going to be great this year. This plant is 6 years old this year.

A ratty mess now, but the lamb's ear is one of my favorites. The color and texture call out for attention more than any other perennial in the front garden.

Is it spring where you are? To see more blooms from around the world, visit May Dreams Gardens for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day on this and every other 15th of the month!


  1. Pretty hellebores and crocus. I love lamb's ear and sedums, too. Sometimes the best plants are just for the foliage! Happy GBBD!

  2. Spring is early, but it is here. Your blooms look lovely. My hellebore looked better after a trim as well. The color in your crocus is stunning. Happy Bloom Day!

  3. I'm so jealous of your crocus and hellbore! None of mine flowered this year. I'm going to blame it on the weather, haha. Everything looks so great. Happy Bloom Day!

  4. How wonderful! Love the sight of those crocus blooms. You have always grow them so well. They are amazingly attractive :-D

  5. I like your flowers but i am in love with your crocus, that color is stunning. And i was reading your recent post about FB, a bit lengthy but made me smile.

  6. I enjoyed your facebook comments on your next post. Looks like you garden is perking up for sure. Your lambs ear may be going though some winter rot. Add some sand aroung the crown to keep it dry. Happy belated gbbd.


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