Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scamp and the fence

If you've been following Scamp's story, he's been doing great. A little wobbly and arthritic-looking, but he seems to have a happy life with us. He's the kind of dog you can dress up in a bonnet and push around in a baby carriage. He's just a sweet and quiet dog who tolerates (and has been through!) a lot.

Unfortunately, he's also been routinely destroying my precariously stacked raised beds and sleeping and peeing in the vegetable garden. When you try to tell him to move, he sits and just looks at you. When you try to move him, he lays down and closes his eyes. Below, you see him in the strawberries. In the irises. In the raspberries. This behavior can't continue.

Sooooo... the yard that had been metal fence free for several years, is once again surrounded by the unattractive but necessary green metal fence. Above, Scamp is enjoying his last moments before being moved to the garden-free portion of the yard.


  1. Hi Wendy, I do enjoy following The Latest Adventures of Scamp. What big innocent-looking eyes. I can just imagine him making his body heavy - like protesters as they are carried away by police. Do you know about cloudy ammonia? Dogs hate the smell of it and it definitely repels them. cheers, cm

  2. What must Scamp be thinking? After all that love and attention...this???

  3. Scamp is such a brave dog to go thru all his pain!
    We have to guard our bed from dog. smae goes here...

  4. Hi Wendy..yay..Scamp is totally adorable..what a beautiful pup! Wishing you a Happy Spring..hope all is sparkling in your world! Thanks for your kind visit!

  5. He is adorable. I'm glad he's doing well. It's funny that he's so comfy in your garden. I can understand your frustrations though.

  6. Scamp is adorably naughty he he... ;-D

  7. It's kinda hard to be mad at that face. LOL! Glad the fence is working so far!

  8. Aww, we had to do the same thing this year. Such a bummer, it is so nice to just step right into a garden without having to fight with fencing and and such. But worth it, to save the pretty plants and veggies. Our new puppy had never felt dirt so wonderfully soft as our freshly till garden soil, and had a blast digging in it... right after I'd planted the spinach. :-\ Silly puppies! Glad you figure something out though, he sure is a sweet little pooch!


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