Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GBBD - February 2012

It was love at first sight when I saw this potted ivy at Whole Foods.  No price tag and I was sure it would be a total rip off, but it was very reasonably priced.  Cheap actually.  Isn't it gorgeous?

My hellebores are all in bloom...Here, the best way to enjoy them - floating in a bowl of water.  

Oh, this guy is so special to's why.  It will probably be about 20 years old this year!

Sunday's view of the vegetable garden.  Sometime very soon, Scamp's got to learn to refrain from peeing where the raspberries will grow.  

And an update on how Scamp's doing after rupturing a disk and having surgery - you can clearly see how he's doing from the footprints below.  Short of this evidence that he's still dragging a little, he's doing just as well as he probably ever will!

Finally, this tangram bloom was created by the 13 year old who, due to totally unacceptable second marking period grades, has lost the use of facebook and her cell phone.  All that's left for her to do is create things, talk to friends on the landline, and participating in real life once again.  

And for other real life blooms around the world, be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens!


  1. Great post for GBBD!
    I especially like your cactus - lovely color.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. I love that you're planting raspberries. They're on my wish list for this year :)

  3. aloha wendy.

    how smart to have that ivy potted, i'm sure if that was planted here it would completely take your pots it looks nice and contained :)

  4. Your hellebores are gorgeous. Glad to hear that Scamp is doing well after his health problems. No cell phone or facebook? Must be pure torture! ;) Love her bloom!

  5. Your hellebores flowers are really pretty. I really can't believe that such a delicate looking cactus can survive so long - in a flower pot too! It is indeed very very special.

  6. You orchid flower (1st pic) caught my eye when I saw it in my blog (thumbpic)
    Truly your plants look very aesthetic - and then I realised, its winter now where you are staying and all the plants are now indoors (Gosh..what was I thinking)

  7. Your cactus is so pretty! I love when they bloom, no matter what the holiday.
    Love your daughter's flower.

  8. Beautiful hellebores. I've seen them in bowls like that, but I never thing to do it. Will do this year though - thanks for the idea!

  9. Love the hellebores! Good luck with Scamp and your garden!!!

  10. The 20 years old cactus is the most awesome plant that I have seen thus far!

  11. L love your 20 year old guy. Your daughter did a good handiwork


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