Sunday, March 18, 2012

week 11 run recap - no running, lots of excuses

Truth be told, I did no running this week. BUT! I did stay active with many gardening tasks to make up for the mileage. Plus, I plan to get back to it this week. As usual, the confidence was going to my head as I started improving my pace and so I started slacking. Not good since the 10K is just over a month away... Anyway, this week, I:
  • Raked all the sweet gum seedpods from the slope and the back yard.
  • Removed about 70% of the onion grass from the slope and vegetable garden beds.
  • Pulled all the dandelions and shotweed from the perennial beds, garden beds, lawn, and vegetable garden.
  • Repaired the four stone raised veggie beds.
  • Put up a wire fence around half my yard to keep the dog out.
  • Amended a few of the veggie beds with Bumper Crop.
  • Planted some annuals (yellow viola and pink ranunculus) in the big planter on the front porch.
  • Started seeds indoors and set up the grow lights, potted the baby lemon tree I bought.
  • Planted some purchased plants in the garden (rhubarb, cauliflower, spinach)
  • Sowed some beets, carrots, lettuce, cukes, dill
  • Did general clean up of all the perennials and herbs - everything wintered over!
  • Pulled all the carrots
  • Pulled ivy off the fence.
OK. Really, I thought I was going to do a half-assed excuse job here, but after listing all this, I did a LOT! All that, and I had time to play some bocce ball with my 7 year old. Spring (or at least spring-weather!) is so fantastic.

Above: rhubarb and Meyer lemon tree.


  1. You did do a lot. I'm impressed. I haven't done any gardening, but I have finally gotten back running. I slacked off in January and February, but trying to get back into again. My goal is to do a 5K. I'm impressed that yours is a 10K.

  2. I was going to may not have been running but you sure got a lot done around your yard. Nice. Good luck with Rhubarb and Meyer's Lemon tree. Really nice lemons to have around....and be careful, you may find that those hard to reach friends show up at your door unannounced wanting one or two or.....MORE!!! They make delicious lemonade.

  3. A short break from running will probably be good for you and it looks like you have received your fair share of exercise nonetheless. We have been slacking a bit in the running department but did manage to get out for a 5.5 mile run on was nice. Best of luck with all your gardening endeavours.

  4. Wow girl, you got an amazing amount of work done. I had to laugh at that third photo with all those Sweet Gum pods! I am very familiar with those. Unfortunately mine are still scattered from here to eternity. What can I say? Oh yeah. Rain. Lots of it. No spring-like weather here. In fact, there were snow flurries again this morning. Go figure.

    At this rate you're going to have a stellar garden (and body!) come summer. My hat's off to you!

  5. This was a great weekend to work in the bad I kept getting distracted. I love that you're planting ranunculus. That's one I want to get my hands on sometime soon!


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