Sunday, March 25, 2012

week 12 run recap - fat (asparagus, that is)

I never tire of these gorgeous magnolias. Could a bloom period be any shorter though?!

Race is approaching and my running is decreasing. Not smart. These posts, which I have set to post automatically for "accountability" every week for the rest of this year are actually really annoying me. I deleted all my posts scheduled to post after the race to spare you and me. This week, I ran twice. Didn't time it. I'm finding the whole thing getting old.

But here's an instance when getting old is good! In this photo (in which my daughter looks really horrendous for some reason), I found the fattest spear of purple asparagus yet - proof that patience is really a virtue for asparagus growers. My small asparagus bed was planted about...7 years ago I think?


  1. Like magnolias too. Fairy princess holding her magic wand!

  2. I just planted some asparagus this year. Anxious to see what year 3 will bring! Your asparagus looks scrumptious! You don't have to run if you don't want to.

  3. Funny that I have one purple asparagus plant that I grew from seed and it bears so much better than the two year crowns I panted at the same time.

  4. Running getting old? Hah! You are human after all.

  5. Well, the running isn't getting old, but the posting about it is. :)

    I realize my daughter looks just like my husband does in his ID photo at work. On his bio page, it says underneath "I like stuff".


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