Saturday, March 10, 2012

week 10 run recap - Chestnut Lodge

This week was a bit of a crappy running week - about 3 miles on Wednesday but my usual 6.2 miles on Saturday. I'm plateauing on the pace.

Above: This is where the circa 1886 main building of Chestnut Lodge Hospital used to stand before it burned to the ground a few years ago. The old and historic psychiatric hospital, where I worked for 5 years, had some past. Geez - the crazy stories I could tell from just my time there would be completely overshadowed by the other sordid tales if walls could talk (which I guess these couldn't since there are no walls left). Arson is likely responsible and conveniently paved the way for the new development of expansive homes on minuscule lots. I dare say I find the whole thing sick.

Anyway, one of my 3 mile routes takes me through the development (and the old hospital campus). Maybe I should stop doing this route because as much as I like the stroll down memory lane, it always leave me feeling uneasy.

And on a lighter note, I know all these gazillions of birds naturally live in homes up there, but I'm still always delighted when I stumble upon a nest I can check out up close.


  1. The birds here are into many songs I cannot identify, but enjoy them all! I'm in awe of your dedication to running. Walking will have to do for me.

  2. Oh Wendy, hospitals stories are always horrible and errie ;-) But good thing there are birds to keep you smiling!

  3. This past you speak of sounds scary:) I hate it all as well....arson? Or was it secretly planned to let a new little development come in and make their mark? There's too much of that today....I do hope the birds aren't too affected. Plus birds are just fun to have around:)

  4. Old memories are sometimes scary.....
    The birds seems to be happy hanging there!


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