Friday, November 27, 2009

...why someone would consider this blog "best"

... is totally beyond me!

Nonetheless, I have to thank Avis from (who shares mouth watering recipes and stories from her urban garden) and Deborah from Green Theatre (who provides non-stop inspiration for the outdoors and indoors) for this Best Blog Award!

I take this award very seriously and am not sure I can pass it along to any number of people fairly. For all the blogs I would vote "best" - see the blogs I've listed to the right under Gardening Blogs, and also below that under Other Sites To Visit. I read each blog regularly for motivation, education, laughs, and understanding.

To play along a bit, I will give an extra special "best blog" shout out to Rosey Pollen (Dung Hoe), Julie (The Little Things), and Grace Peterson who all make me laugh out loud. Lynn (Best in Bloom Today) is also the sweetest someone who I know I would like to friends with in real life. Autumn Belle (My Nice Garden) in Malaysia, is such an interesting person who will occasionally share cultural aspects that are sometimes very different, but sometimes remotely similar to my own.

To rebel a bit from this, I would also like to revert back to the Honest Scrap Award and tag Kathy Jentz from Washington Gardener magazine. Kathy is a crazy busy person, assuring that Washington DC area gardeners are kept abreast of garden happenings, best practices, trends, methods, etc. What we DON'T know though...who is the lady behind the publication, blog, enewsletter, and everything else she does???


  1. I see I've been Honest Scrap tagged! Will get on that and try to have a posting of my Honest 10 ready this weekend :-)

  2. Wendy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Late but sincere!
    I always find or learn something new from your blog postings.

  3. Wendy, I am honoured to be mentioned in you post today. Thank you very much for the award! If you are here with me in person now, I will bring you to Ipoh to eat Bo Bo Cha Cha. This desert is eaten for good complexion. Hong Kong stars who visit Ipoh love it too. Wishing you happy Thanksgiving!

  4. someone get me some bo bo cha cha!

  5. I second that request for the Bo Bo Cha Cha, Wendy! Seconds and thirds if they help with!
    Hey, thanks for the shout out! I'm actually trying to work on an Honest Scraps award from another's hard to think up these things!
    Hope you had a wonderful T-Giving with your family, Wendy...and how about a pic of your niece from Denver...

  6. Hello Miss Wendy,
    You are too sweet! This award has definitely made the rounds in the garden blogging community! You do have a most stupendous blog and I eagerly await what you post!Thanks for thinking of me! I wouldn't mind horning in on some of that Bo bo either.
    XOXOX Rosey

  7. Wendy, congrats! Your blog/work is certainly good enough for that award :-D

  8. Hi Wendy~~ You are definitely worthy of the award, dear friend. There are lots of reasons. Your writing is very engaging and relevant.

    Now why anyone would choose MY blog "best" is totally beyond me!!

  9. Wendy - congrats on your award. :o) Definitely deserved.

    Thanks for the mention, too! So glad I can provide some good reading.

    Blogging is a rewarding activity, isn't it?

  10. Wendy, my post on the best award is up today. Thank you very much for the award. Have a great weekend!

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