Monday, November 16, 2009

GBBD November: more blooms than before

I would not have thought that November would bring even more blooms than before. Lots of summer perennials are still going strong. Everything I posted in Not Quite Kaput (just a few posts down) is still going. In addition, you'll see below what is new or has changed. First, my favorite two shrubs. Sinocalycalycanthus is the tall yellow shrub. Remember I mentioned this shrub in the spring when I'll no doubt showcase it's beautiful maroon flowers. In the foreground is the fothergilla beaver creek. In an earlier post, you'll see the leaves green and red. This little shrub is gorgeous for a full 3 seasons.

New chrysanthemums in bloom below...

This one below has been in bloom for a while (and I'm sure is in an earlier post), but I had not taken a close up appreciation of the tips of each tendril.

Benikaze - maroon/green in the summer.

Diamond grass. I have 6 of these dotted on the slope in my backyard.

Below, a white knock out rose I just put in the ground, giving a nice preview of what's to come next year!

My favorite site of the season - new hellebores growth! (what's NOT my favorite site? Slug damage on new leaves)

Visit May Dream's to see what else is blooming on November 15th all over the world!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Everything is so brown here already. :::sigh:::

    What is the first picture on the post? I have one of those! No idea what it is, and it certainly doesn't look as beautiful as yours. A neighbor gave it to me in the spring, and it seemed to hate our 100+ degree summer, but it's doing fine now that the weather's cold. Is it an annual or perennial?

    Love the Christmas cactus photo too- ours just bloomed for the first time since we planted the cutting two years ago. Gorgeous!

  2. The joys of gardening in a more temperate climate than ours (Portland, OR) are abundantly clear from your post. Love those spikey mums!

  3. Nasty little slugs, I hate 'em too.
    But I LOVE your rose, so charming, Wendy. I have high hopes for a rose bush making it through the winter that I planted a while back in September.
    Nice mums you got there. :)

  4. Rosey, I think roses are totally taken for granted! They are so beautiful and all the roses I have are really tough, blooming most of the summer! I'm pretty excited about the 3 knock outs in front of my house.

    Julie - it's an ornamental kale. I usually see them around mum time - I think it's a cold season annual. They're so pretty. If you do a google search, you'll find some beautiful fall containers using kale.

    Jane - have I told you how drawn I am to Oregon for some mysterious reason? I would love to make a trip sometime.

  5. Great photos. How lucky you are to still have things growing this time of year. In Michigan...I'm just waiting for my lawn guy to come take away my leaves (worth every penny).

    I do love you mums and your rose is beautiful. I hope to see more photos of it in the future.

  6. Wow, lots of stuff in flower. I have nothing, sigh....
    But my helleborus are showing lots of new growth like yours, and I can even see flower buds as well.

  7. Love those mums! I am sure your white rose will be a beautiful one. I like that yellow shrub and little bronzie bush very much. Their colours are excellent for autumn! Btw, those mum shots are awesome :-D

  8. Gorgeous shots! I love the tendrils ..and the chrysanthemums are so beautiful! Awesome!!You are Always unique..great post!

  9. Great photos - you may have to change from greenish to green thumb! btw, i'm glad to see you're sharing with the local wildlife, even if they are slugs.


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