Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another scrap of honesty

Thanks Rosey for passing the Honest Scrap award along to me!

If I have to be honest, the creative juices were flowing the other day after Rosey posted her SCARY truths and passed along the award to me, but the well of creativity has not only gone dry, but the memory is going too and I can't remember what I was going to say before. Since my last MeMe award was a waaaaay too long dissertation on my hair (of all topics!), I'll keep this one short and sweet, writing whatever random facts come to me in the next 5 minutes.

  1. My older daughter is named Winter, after my favorite season. She is the opposite of her namesake though, and not the calm, serene, still, stark image I have of winter, the season. Rather, she is lively, warm, outgoing, and a bundle of fun and energy.
  2. My younger daughter is named Lyric, which is what gives meaning to music. Though she's the most adorable singer, she's shy and won't perform on demand, or in front of an audience. She has to be caught by surprise. And you can't clap or laugh b/c she'll get mad!
  3. I am not a fan of unnecessary medical intervention when it comes to my own health and had both girls via natural childbirth, having Lyric in a birthing center and having used self-hypnosis.
  4. I am obsessed with shoes. I developed this obsession only about 3 years ago. I am extremely particular, but when I see a shoe I like, I will usually wait overnight. If I dream about the shoes, and if I literally lay awake thinking about them, I will buy them the next day. I just used this method to confirm that I really needed the blue suede boots I bought yesterday.
  5. I love food. I love anything that is fatty, creamy, and buttery. I love anything that involves puff pastry. I love a European chocolate. I love cream based soups. I love my desserts warmed and a la mode. I love appetizers with melted cheese. I love risotto. I love rice, pasta, potatoes, bread (carbs!). I love spicy, creamy, curried Indian food. I love hollandaise sauce. I love scones with a double Devon cream.
  6. I like to work out (notice I didn't say love). I like to watch CNN American Morning while I'm on the elliptical machine at the gym. I like this awesome motivational spinning instructor at my 5:30am class when I can get up on time for it. I really like to run on the weekends when I don't stay up too late the night before - and I really like to stay up late.
  7. I have a grande skim latte from Starbucks every Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, I go crazy and get whatever special drink I'm feeling. I think this Friday, I'll be feeling the gingerbread latte.
  8. I really don't like pets. It took me a while to realize this b/c my parents only allowed my sister and I to have as my husband calls them "throwaway pets" (hamsters, parakeets, fish), but after having some "real" pets as an adult, I've realized I'm just not a pet person. Yeah, they're cute and all, but ultimately, I don't like to pet a dog and I don't like to scoop hardened urine balls out of a litter box every day.
  9. I pride myself on being idealistic. I try to balance this with a tiny dose of realism and aim not to be naive. I'd rather wither away and die than allow myself to be stuck in a situation - at least for too long! - I feel jaded about.
  10. I was a very wild and crazy young teen and took waaaay too many risks. As an adult, I'm still a very liberal thinker, but very safety-minded and probably overprotective of my kids.

I'd love to learn more about the following new cyber friends... Hopefully I'm picking people I haven't tagged already, and haven't participated recently, and might consider playing along.

Hortist - Only 5 posts thus far from new blogger Saif, but 5 posts that I read with great interest. I'm looking forward to hearing more of what Saif has to say.

Sylvana - The Obsessive Gardener - an awesome and inspiring vegetable grower!

Subliminal Intervention - A blog I've just recently discovered. Dreamybee is a voracious reader and seems to share the same approach to life as I do.

Janie - An Obsessive/Compulsive Plant Collector - a really sweet person whose comments I adore. She's from Texas and could whack a snake gone in 2 seconds flat (as long as it's small and Janie doesn't run away screaming first).

Catmint - Diary of a Suburban Gardener - all kinds of nature and reflections going on on her blog. A great read and super person!

Grace Peterson - In a word: Pink. Who knew it could be so utterly beautiful? Grace has must-see photos of her absolutely gorgeous garden with fun writing alongside. Check it out.

Green Theatre - A busy Canadian blogger who is constantly inspiring us with great ideas!

Sprig to Twig - I love reading about Ricki's escapades in the garden. Her energy is contagious!

Liz and the Professor - great stories and photos of beautiful tropicals from the southernmost point in the US - Key West!


  1. You are a dear, Wendy! Thank you for the kind words. I guess I'm going to have to get busy on this Scrap Honesty meme. "No clapping or laughing" ...YEP. Now that my girls are up there in their teen years I do everything they hate just to bug them. Payback!

    I had 4 kids with no meds, at all, ever. They could hear me in the next county. I was homicidal. But I survived and remarkably, so did everyone within hitting range.

    Ditto on your food choices--everything that makes my butt even bigger! Daily elliptical is mandatory with such a sophisticated palate.

  2. Thanks Wendy! I'm curious about your pet aversion. Do you not like petting dogs because they're icky or they're always ill-behaved or because it's boring or is there some other issue? The hardened urine balls thing I understand! ;)

  3. Grace, you are so funny! With Winter (the 22 hour labor at the hospital that was not too keen on natural childbirth), they kept telling me I was scaring the other women! With Lyric, I was soooo in a bubble of peace. like those natural childbirth videos you see sometimes.

    Dreamybee - I had an insane and completely hyper, loving to bark, pulling, Golden Retreiver for 11 years. That should say it all! OK, so here's more detail: shedding, dog hair constantly in my food, not being able to leave food on the kitchen table, drinking from the toilet, sleeping on my bed, finding ticks, trampling my garden, pooper scooping, etc. All goes with the territory, but just not for me. I really wish I could be a dog person. Dogs are so cool and empathic and just love you unconditionally, and I love that, but just not for me.

  4. Hi Wendy, thank you for your kind words about me and my blog. It's good to learn more about you. The two I totally relate to are 9 and 10. Ok - I'll get started on thinking about me, and also checking out your other friends. cheers, catmint

  5. Hey Wendy, you were writing about me in #5??? LOL! But you forgot to say spicy foods..haha!
    Glad to see the work-out love following that one. ZUMBA is my love affair at the gym! Have you tried a class?
    And natural're brave!
    Loved this!!
    Lynn ;)

  6. Wendy, Previously known as wild Wendy?,
    Love this list, you made me crave some sweets. Darn it.
    Your daughter's have beautiful names!
    You are tough lady, to go through natural childbirth. I had 2 with drugs, and two without . I have blocked everything, so don't even ask me which was better. :o

  7. Thanks, Wendy...I think. Pulling aside the veil of anonymity? I'll give it a try (blush, blush).

  8. Wendy, why is it so hard to think of 10 things,(at least things that I would admit to in public). Will be posting soon. Thanks for the award.

  9. My dear Wendy, you'r quite honest and great all the time. I'm very late in reading your kind words you wrote about me but very grateful for every single word. Ofcourse these words are motivating me to write more and more. Please pray for my father that he may get well soon and I may get back to my life. Keep on smiling and have a nice day :)


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