Sunday, January 29, 2012

week 4 run recap

This is a "lake" I frequently run past in a planned community near me.  Somewhere at the bottom of this body of water, gollum clutches my loyal, stay-at-home-dad friend's wedding ring - tossed in there after his successful, narcissistic, neurologist wife began an affair with a 20-something year old (dubbed "50 cent" by my friend).  I'm  in a phase of life when people are getting divorced left and right... Anyone know that phase?

Anyway, successful week of running for me.  I ran for 36 minutes on Tuesday, 25 minutes on Wednesday.  Saturday I did a longer run - 5.3 miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Longest run of my life, though I easily could have added another mile to equal the 10K that I'll hopefully be running in a few months.  The long run was a 14.14 minute mile (my goal for the 10K is 12 minute/mile).  I've realized a few things this week:
  • The first mile is really tough, but after I hit mile 2, I wouldn't quite call it the sought-after "runner's high", but I definitely feel energized, like I could just go for miles and miles.
  • The knees can't handle more than one long run a week - I'm bracing myself going up and down the stairs.  :(


  1. Sorry to read about your friend.

    Amazing job on the run!

  2. Way to go Wendy! Btw, going down stairs is more painful right hehe...

  3. You're doing great! No telling how many secrets the lake holds.

  4. lovely looking lake but sad use for it. I have several friends who have been too scared to split up, even though they don't seem so happy. I don't know which is worse in that sort of case - staying or splitting up. Running sounds really important and satisfying for learning and reflecting.

  5. Good for you, running like you are. I used to run a lot when I was younger. Beautiful lake too bad it has such a negative connotation. Hopefully your friend will find true love soon. Have a great weekend.


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