Monday, January 9, 2012

week 1 run recap

I used to belong to a really nice and really expensive gym where the "concierge" gives each member a little smooch on the ass at every visit.  I loved this gym and tolerated getting up at 4:40 each morning to do an amazing step class (I think this ages me - the fact that I'm of the step generation).  The gym decided that since there were ONLY about 12 people each morning, they would cancel the class.  Did I mention the expensive membership?  Humph.  This made me (and the other steppers) so mad.  Plus, you know how gyms might have tables advertising an energy drink or hi-protein bar or something?  This gym had tables advertising botox.  That was a little over the top.  There is this one guy who is always at the gym when I am, and who loudly clears his throat about every 30 seconds.  I can hear it 6 treadmills away and with my music on.  The incident that put me over the edge was this other guy I was running next to one morning.  At first I thought he said something to me, and I even said "What?", but then I realized he was talking to himself.  Every two minutes he'd go, "Come on".  Two minutes later, "Do it".  Then again, "Come on".  It was a little bit creepy.  Very quickly, I figured that if I was going to just run on the treadmill, I'd enjoy my own company on the open sidewalk more.

I love running but only have committed spurts.  This year, I want to be able to say, "I'm a runner", and not, "Well, I run, but like, just sometimes.  And really, I do more of a walk/run.  But I haven't run in a while, but yeah, uh...I run".  

I do have some weight loss/fitness goals.  I would like to start by dropping 8 pounds.  Slow and steady is perfectly fine.  Then, I would like to stop yo-yoing once and for all.  Never really go off the rails again.  In the past maybe...5 years, it's been gain 10, lose 10, gain 10 lose 10 and I'm sick of it.  

I would also like to run a race.  Maybe Pike's Peek.  More on this later.  

To accomplish this, I have pre-scheduled weekly "run recap" posts that will post automatically whether or not I'm doing my job.  They'll be mostly short and sweet, and are intended to provide accountability.  I will list what I did for that week, and if all goes well, will be able to track some progress!  And just for my records, I will record my weight at the beginning of each month.  I'll try not to bore readers, because I do realize this is a public blog.  There are usually some interesting things along the way that I'll capture on my increasingly crappy Blackberry.  On to the inaugural post...


Week 1: baseline week after a couple months of being mostly sedentary.  Ran 20 minutes on Friday and 35 minutes on Sunday.  I love how cardio progress is so quickly made.  Part of my run includes a stop at the bleachers.  Here's where I do some crunches and push ups.  This week, I can do about 50 crunches and 30 push ups (on knees).  Weight at the beginning of the year is _ _ 3.  I really don't care about revealing my weight to people, but some people can be funny since weight is a tricky subject, so I'm just going to record the last digit.  

I've really enjoyed the holiday decorations - including this festive and dignified port-a-potty cover in front of someone's house.  I live in a neighborhood where there are lots of lovely old homes that are constantly being added on to.  This one (not pictured) was fortunately tastefully done and looks great.  

And my treat when I got home?  A breakfast of bread and nutella lovingly made by my 6 year old.  


  1. Go for it, Wendy, and please do keep us posted.

  2. Good for you, my wife and I have also got back into running after taking a few too many months off from it. Best of luck with your endeavours in running.:)

  3. Good for you! When I moved last year I told myself that I wanted to loose some weight, and start taking ballet classes again. I found it pretty tough to stick to a routine at my really nice expensive gym that has the same pitfalls that you describe encountering at yours and I never lost any weight. So last week I sucked it up (and in) and went to my first ballet class. Accountability is good, and I'm glad you're posting your progress. :)

    Cheers to a new year and sticking with it!


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