Monday, January 16, 2012

week 2 run recap

This week, I'm in NC, watching my adorable almost 3 year old while her parents are soaking up the sun in Bermuda.  The annoying thing about travelling with sneakers is that they take up half the space in your weekender carry-on.  I thought I'd go ahead and pack my sneakers and other things in a roomier suitcase and check my bag instead.  Did you know you have to pay $25 to check your baggage (one way!) these days?!

Some scenes from my run through residential North Carolina, near Winston-Salem.  Shade+moisture=some very beautiful objects in nature such as these fallen branches.  I really wanted to make good food choices while I was away too, but here in the south, Cracker Barrels and Biscuitvilles abound - and I'm a Southern breakfast junky.  I would never, ever, ever make it here.

This week - I ran for 47 minutes at home, for 30 minutes in  my sister's very hilly neighborhood, and then did some other exercise with my niece.  I've found my knees can't take running two days in a row (even with good sneakers).  Anyone else with knee probs - and advice?


  1. I have a weak right knee and I just try not to make it work too hard for me that's all. When I play badminton, I have to wear a knee guard. Happy running!

  2. I had to stop running for that very reason - knee pain. It seems I have no cartilage left in either one - the price I am paying for staying active and having the nerve to get older.
    Now it's hiking hills and the treadmill on an 11 incline. It's the best I can do.
    I say keep at it until you can't do it anymore, and then do something else.

  3. I have no excuses, except for the weather and the hills and the lack of sidewalks and lack of time and ... Bravo for your fitness routine, Wendy. I hope you enjoy your time in NC.

  4. I wish I could run, but it doesn't work for me:) I get into hiking and walking so what you're doing is great. It's a lot of work to get the body ready for long term running. One of my knees is no good:) I hate the new's ridiculous! For two of us, it's like adding on an extra 100 dollars to our round trip ticket!

  5. I am a runner and have what I like to call crackle knees! The crack and creek like no other. They have gotten worse since I have had kids....need to do better with changing out my shoes! Enjoy your trip!!!!

  6. I brisk walk more and jog less. I came to wish you and family, "Kung Hei Fatt Choy"! May you all be blessed with abundance of wealth, good health and happiness throughout the year and thereafter.

  7. It's ridiculous how much airlines charge for checking bags!


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