Sunday, January 15, 2012

GBBD - January 2012

On this Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, I'm going to check out May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming in the other parts of the world because here in cold and frosty Maryland, I got nothing.  However, I did receive some lovely bouquets recently.  The pink beauty above was from a student of mine.  Her mother put it together.  I think the netting is just fabulous.  The centerpiece below is from my friend Grace.  And delivered with her box of incredible cookies below?  I'm so lucky she's my friend for many reasons.  Her pecan bars are my favorite!

Above, my little one with her own blooms after her very first Nutcracker.  She was an adorable "flower petal" in a very clever casting of the 6,7 year olds.  At the end, when Clara is back at home, the little ones are sitting by her feet and as Clara drifts back to sleep, the little ones stretch out and yawn and lay down to sleep, then the curtain falls.  It was so precious and the ballet ended with smiles from everyone.  Below, just a random picture of a chocolate terrine (white, milk, and dark) my sister whipped together for Thanksgiving.  The fresh and quite amazing raspberry coulis is not in the photo.

And while I'm posting random photos, this was the eggnog I enjoyed after my beer-making endeavor.  Though beer is not my thing, a warm eggnog with a generous splash of rum is very much my thing.  Update on the beer: success!  The kolsch was tasty and holds a history/origin my husband found interesting.

Also other odds and ends I did not got a chance to post earlier - above: a fall scene, below, euphorbia rudolph. I love this beautiful guy.  Anyone else grow it?


  1. That is the sweetest ballerina smile I ever did see.
    I am the only person in this house that drinks eggnog... so I usually get it all to myself and by the end of December, I can't even bear to drink any more.

  2. You seem to have more flowers than many other folks out there. And when life shorts you on blooms I'm always willing to look at photos of food and drink! Happy Bloom (and Eggnog) Day!

  3. Those are pretty blooms! Your daughter is adorable! That egg nog looks delicious.


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