Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Delaware Gardens (part 3 of 3): 117 Federal Street

So when we left Mike's LARGE garden, I talked myself into believing that if I had lots of space at my disposal, I could create something really special too. I left with a shred of gardening self-esteem. That all went out the window when our bus stopped in front of this house that promised to be "small and mighty" with a mere 2000 square foot yard.

The entrance to the backyard garden.

When I passed by the railing boxes below, I knew I was about to see something really spectacular.

The yard is probably a pretty standard little rectangle, but the garden's curves and nooks add so much character. These photos do not do the garden justice at all. I love the use of golds, limes, chocolates, and oranges - and all the tropicals.

Here's something about my personality - I'm not a gusher. Not an ooooher and aaaahhhher. I don't love all flowers. In fact, I'm pretty particular. Even among gardens I like, I generally revel in quiet inspiration. Today though, I was among all the others who gasped upon stepping into the yard and gushed to the owner (oh yes I did) about how beautiful, gorgeous, and spectacular his little garden is.


  1. Wow! That garden is so inspiring! I love it. Makes me want to really transform my lawn!

  2. How stunning - how on earth do gardeners get no bare spots? I always have some bare spots......

  3. Beautiful garden tours! Looks like a wonderful time!! I wish my yard had a little more character!

  4. Well, I'm afraid I am an ooher and an aahher... And a drooler. I'll wipe my chin now. :) Just gorgeous, Wendy. Thanks again for the wonderful tour.

  5. Very interesting, Wendy. Like you, I find it so interesting - and sometimes inspiring- to visit different gardens. Also like you, I have definite likes and dislikes when it comes to plants. Some (like sedum "Autumn Joy" and hemerocalis "Stella Doro") are just overused, in my opinion.

    I'm about to embark on a garden tour and will post about it soon. Thanks for sharing your impressions.

  6. This was is just amazing. I would loved to have seen it too. How interesting that we can talk ourselves into "I don't have enough room" for a garden, but this garden really tuns that on it's ear.

  7. I never get tired of viewing gardens!


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