Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Delaware Gardens (part 2 of 3): Milton Garden Tour and Pepper's

We were able to see several houses on this tour - all different from each other. The first house is on a very sunny wide expanse of space in a new development.

Wouldn't you love that little sun room off of the house? I originally thought it was a greenhouse, but it actually contains a swimming pool.

The vegetable garden is above. Below...blackberries are in season!

This next stop included a home tour as well.

The "history window" is pretty cool. The owners left it open when they renovated. You can see the shell that was used to make buttons.

I thought this chair tucked in the corner was funny. Sit there if you've been bad. Or if you're trying to creep someone out.

This house had a formal garden that was very well-kept and pretty, but didn't fit my taste so I didn't include it. I did however include a more rural scene - I love the juxtaposition between the old timey buildings and the solar/wind generators.

Next on the tour, this house is made of clinker brick. From my understanding, the center of the pile of brick upon being fired can get burnt. This house was built out of these "rejected" bricks. This house/garden is owned by the family who own Pepper's nursery.

Our last stop of the day was at Pepper's where most of my fellow trip goers walked away with all kinds of VERY reasonably priced, large, and varied plants. The employees were really nice and helpful. If you're anywhere near this nursery, it would be well worth the visit.

The "mud bath" above was so cute. Below, some of my souvenirs of the day. Not pictured are the horseradish, water hyacinths, and lemongrass I also picked up. Mark, our patient and affable leader, mentioned that the eyeball plants' leaves and flowers are antiseptic and will numb your mouth. I tried a little pinch. Yep. Cool trick. The effects were short-lived though. I guess for medicinal purposes you'd need to make a tincture or compress or something. I don't know. Please don't follow my medicinal advice.


  1. This is one beautiful place. I love the swimming pool area as well as several of the buildings. Thanks for sharing. Chris Las Aventuras

  2. The second picture looks very much like the American houses we see in the movies. The gardens are beautiful and I have enjoyed the visit. Now I gonna see Part 1 as well.

  3. Wow, that first house and sun room is Stunning! Would love to live there. I love love love the porch. Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful garden! And very organised. I love the 'souvenirs' you got home. And that mud bath haha... quite funny. Btw, that big lemongrass bush looks like a fountain ;-)

  5. Great tour! Eyeball plant...this is a new one for me.

  6. Lovely. What a great place to put a swimming pool.


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