Friday, October 23, 2009

This raccoon has it in for me

What at first glance may look like a cute little bandit hiding at the top of a tree, is actually a probably evil, definitely pesty creature who lurks at the tree tops plotting revenge against me. The photo is very much zoomed in. If it weren't so dark, you'd be able to see his red eyes staring directly at me.

If you look at his eyes, you can practically read his thoughts...

  • "I'm furious that you placed that stone on the trash can lid. I can no longer search for food, leaving my shredded empties all over your side yard like a freshman at a frat party.

  • You think you're so smart for putting a layer of straw over your composted table scraps so I don't smell it and won't dig through it.

  • But the LAST straw was the netting you put over the squash. That squash belongs just as much to me as it does to you. I've always been generous enough to leave you the majority of the squash after I take my few bites. NETTING is what I get for it?!

  • I will NEVER, EVER forget the night I came up to the back door with my 2 buddies in search of Sassy's leftover cat food. You didn't heed my hissing and actually tried to spray me with Windex and Old English. I was not amused.
  • When you least expect it, expect it. I'm going to ravage your salad greens, salivate my rabies germs on your strawberries, and eat every last blossom I can find while you're at work. And in between these acts, I'll be watching you from above, and I know you're scared".


  1. You are so funny! I have evil squirrels, so I know what you mean. Devils... I swear.

  2. You are so funny! I have evil squirrels, so I know what you mean. Devils... I swear.

  3. I have evil possums. They ignore me, for the most part, just tromp on doing their evil deeds right in front of me. DH tried catching them in a live trap, and we have caught several. We take them across the river and turn them loose. But we have also caught 3 skunks in the live trap! Now, those are really evil!

    I am scared of all of them!

  4. Oh, those devils! One time Ian and I were sitting out in the garden haveing dinner. It was dark but very romantic with candlelight. I heard this noise behind me and turned, only to find a huge raccoon. I think he wanted to join us for dinner. Needless to say, we were not sharing!

  5. LOLOL!!! So funny! He's adorable. :-) We don't have raccoons here, so I've never had to deal with them - they sound like a pain though!

  6. This was too funny! These furry critters can be BIG pests, but they are so darn cute.

  7. Wow, I didn't know raccoons climbed so high. I hope yours decides to move on and quit harassing you. I did enjoy reading the post, though.

  8. Wendy,
    Evil is right! I think you are going to need something a bit stronger than old english and windex, my darling!
    I am LOL, you crack me up, Wendy.
    I would order some pepper spray.

  9. Hilarious! You caught the picture so well. I love how cute the raccoon is in your tree...even with his nefarious thoughts. :)

  10. Oh Wendy, you touched a nerve with this one! LOL How can such a cute little critter engage in such dastardly deeds? Seems unfair. I love your photo. He definitely has "the look." How dare you curtail his mischief making! For me, it's my ponds. Raccoon paws are extremely adept at shredding lily pads and dumping rocks into the ponds and basically having a frat party, not unlike your freshman at the frat party metaphor. I finally resorted to a rather ugly sollution--chicken wire stapled to 1 x 1s to set over the pond. It seems to be working, knock on wood. But this year they haven't been as insistent as some years. My other pond is still vulnerable and it's just a matter of time. A big dog seems like a sollution except that big dogs also frequent frat parties! What's a gardener to do?

  11. I would think they were cute too, well, except for the rabies thing. The night I had a Windex war with the 3 raccoons, I just about had a heart attack. They had absolutely no fear whatsoever. And they were hissing at me! They came right up to the sliding back door. I cracked the door as they got close just enought to get my hand and the windex nozzle out. They hissed at me. I sprayed. They backed up and watched me. WHen I shut the door, they came right back. This went on for about 30 minutes - my hair was standing on end.

    Sounds like we all have animals that we are dealing with! I've been doing pretty well this year battling the raccoons though...

  12. Once while camping, my husband and I were awakened by rattling. We decided that since we were up we'd head to the bathroom and passed a trash can with the lid off. My husband put the lid back on. We immediately heard a scream/hiss from behind us, turning to see a very angry raccoon running straight at us. We were still half asleep so couldn't think fast enough to move, luckily we called the raccoon's bluff. He swerved around us, climbed part way up a tree and just hissed and chattered at us. By then I was REALLY ready for the bathroom!

  13. Hah? First I see deer in Tatyana and Lynn's gardens, now a racoon at yours. Wow. This racoon look so cute up that tree. Actually he looks like one of my soft toys. I was imagining a cutie toy hanging up the tree! Luckily I don't have to deal with his antics.

  14. not cute at all!! Well, they are until you learn how aggressive they are - my gosh Sylvana!


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