Friday, October 2, 2009

St. Michael's, Maryland (part 2 of 2)

The sights in this little town of about one square mile go beyond the cute shops on the main street that I showed you in my previous post on St. Michael's. Here, the new home of the Hooper Strait lighthouse, moved from another area on the Chesapeake Bay. This is a "screw pile" lighthouse, meaning the cast iron legs that the house sits on are actually screwed into the earth making it more stable. Notice the bathroom at the left of the house. No need for any cleaning as this bathroom used to stand right over the ocean!

In the lighthouse...

Below is a large rain garden - filled with rain from the night before! This rain garden is situated on the grounds of the library, immaculately landscaped by local master gardeners.

To the naked eye, it appears that St. Michael's is right at sea level. This was confirmed the morning after a gentle rain. Here's the completely flooded parking lot of the restaurant we ate at the night before (the waterfront view was great, but it sure was not the Bistro - see part 1). You can probably just make out a guy in a blue shirt in the very center of the photo creating a sidewalk with wooden pallets so restaurant goers can actually... go.

Guess it's not a problem for all of St. Michael's residents.

A couple hours later, all is sparkly and right with the world again.

Below, the Chesapeake Maritime Museum is creating a natural shoreline along the bulkhead. The bulkhead alone, being a vertical wall in the water, does not protect against erosion. Creating this shoreline of stone, sand, and bay grass protects against erosion and also provides a home for other plants and animals.

You know it's the Eastern shore when you spot jellyfish everywhere!

And because this blog is one step away from being a duck and goose blog...

A short drive, rich history, and wonderful food are a combination for a relaxing and low-key weekend. The only potential problem with this town was discovered just as we were about to drive home. In Justine's, a charming ice-cream/espresso shop, my husband read a newspaper clipping that stated Dick Cheney owned a home in St. Michael's. I guess if we go again, I'll have to keep one eye on the gorgeous storefronts and one eye on the people ahead of me or my husband will be strolling the cute streets - ready for a rumble.


  1. After a gentle rain? Yikes! i want a big bowl of steaming garlic! Enjoyed your pictures and nice tour, Wendy! You are too funny ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I love exploring local gems like that - looks like you found a good one. Beautiful photos!

  3. Hi Wendy~~ Being a west coast dweller, your expose on the Atlantic side of things is a nice welcome. You must have had a great time. Luckily you didn't need waders. I imagine the locals have to always have them at the ready. Love the ducks and the before and after. And the potty over the bay...well, we've come a long way, haven't we? :]

  4. These last two posts were a delightful reminder of our one driving trip on the eastern seaboard. You really captured the atmosphere. Thanks!

  5. Those bathrooms are so funny right? We have those in the village where they sit above the river! Oh those jellyfishes are so amazing... must have been very nice to watch them swim around. I like this place. Looks like a very good to relax and have picnic. Have a pleasant week!

  6. I used to live in Silver Spring, MD and in spite of many trips to the Eastern shore I somehow missed St. Michaels. It looks a bit like Annapolis to me. Just what do the villagers do when there's a downpour, if an overnight rain could flood things in the way you've shown?

  7. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures and scenery. I love lighthouses. They have a certain historical charm. About the bathroom, with such a bathroom, can you imagine how it will be like for people who wish to jump in for a swim? Yucks! Other than that, the water looks clear and clean, there's no water mark on the buildings even after a flood.
    At first I thought those birds were seagulls. Are the ducks reared by people or are they mandarin ducks?

  8. The little town definitely had a lot of charm. I loved how it was small enough to have walked the main streets several times - you can literally walk everywhere, but you never feel overwhelmed. It had more of a seaside charm than Annapolis did. More quaint, but certainly sort of hip too - great brunch restaurants, several coffee places, lots and lots of cool shops (not like a typical strip of shops where every store sells the same tourist trap crap). It's also the kind of place you feel comfortable strolling and shopping, unlike some shops in some little towns. Diversity wise...hmm...not a lot of diversity - at least that I saw, but I still felt comfortable - again unlike some small towns in America.

    I have no idea about the rain/flooding situation! It was literally a gentle rain that caused this flooding - but you're right Autumn Belle, I didn't notice any watermarks. THe water isn't necessarily nice, but isn't horrible. I did notice lots of beached jellyfish though!

  9. Hi Wendy,I can relate to the sea level flooding! Last month's perigee tides had water up over our seawall's dock. gotta love the Keys. I'm havein' fun exploring your blog. Keep up the good work.

  10. Great review and history of St. Michaels! -Makes me want to get over there again soon.

    Those lighthouse stairs are awesome. For some reason, I've always wanted some like that.

    Happy Anniversary.

  11. Wendy,
    You found a charming town, that is for sure! No plugged toilets, Ha! You are hilarious! :)
    Lighthouses always seem so romantic...until you have to live in one in the dead of winter.
    The ducks seem pretty happy there, with all the H20 aroud.

  12. What a great place. I love little towns like that to just peruse and see what you find. Thanks for the tour.


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