Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey rodents: try to get my squash now!

In my garden, it's a fight to the finish. Could be a raccoon, could be a rabbit, could be my very own Sassy cat. Either way, they're all rodents. Rodents: you're officially on notice!

One point for the rodent:

One point for me:

Stay tuned to see how this match ends...


  1. Bravo and it looks like raccoon damage to me.

  2. Hehee! Great job - I sure hope it works. Beautiful squash!

  3. I hope whatever it is doesn't eat through the holes in the net. I have had birds or something eating on about 70% of my tomatoes, just as they are ripening. I am very frustrated. I have had a little damage on the yellow summer squash. I have some nice acorn squashes growing that I'm worried they may decide to take bites out of, too. I'm subscribing to the follow up comments, and would like to know how the net worked for you.

  4. I saw your comment on my blog - a note on canning supplies: Wal-Mart and other big box stores, and smaller grocery chains, sell canning jars and supplies at a pretty reasonable price. Might be worth it to check. And if you yard sale, you can often find dozens of jars for just a few dollars. :o)

    Happy canning! Can't wait to read about how it goes!

  5. It's a good start already. Good Luck!

  6. I hope you win, but those little devils are smart. I also have something enjoying my cucumbers and zuchini. I am not sure what it is because I haven't seen any suspicous individuals lurking in the garden, except myself of couse.

  7. Ok, so far so good. I'm still crossing my fingers. flowergardengirl, I think you're right, we see raccoons often. They probably stop by the garden before they hit the trash like they usually do. Maybe hit the compost bins for dessert on their way out. Sue, I'm wondering if they'll get through the net too, but I guess the net could either be raised a bit, or maybe in a double layer and overlapped a bit. I would be annoyed if they tried to get a paw in and pulled the whole thing up. That would be a declaration of war.

    But so far so good. I hope this works b/c on one squash, I actually staked it a bit, the for a few others, I just lay the net on top and sort of tucked it under a bit. Will update!

    Julie, did my canning last night. I think it was successful, but I'm not sure I will do it again! Will post later! Thanks for the tip on Walmart. I tried Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they had nothing. Couldn't think of another place so I spent waaaaay too much money on Amazon.

  8. end of season update: 100% successful!

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