Saturday, October 31, 2009

The most destructive force against new perennials: Halloween!

I've been anxious about Halloween for many weeks now. When I put in new perennials about 3 years ago, the rotten trick-or-treaters (really I love kids, but I can't help but refer to kids as rotten as it gets closer to Halloween) nearly TRAMPLED my new plants! As you might know, I just put in hundreds of dollars worth of new plants that I'm not about to lose to those rotten kids (see, I swear I didn't even mean to say that!).
My idea worked really well (except for one kid, but it's a fact he's truly rotten).

Though it is the biggest EYESORE I've ever seen in my life, it kept the kids out of the new garden very successfully. The funniest thing is that I got a lot of compliments on the webbing and even had a group of kids come over before it got dark just to "see the decorations".

Well, the spider webbing - which very rarely is done well, and this case is no exception - is coming down immediately tomorrow morning. I hope I find all the big plastic spiders or I will certainly have a heart attack come spring.

Hope you had a fun Halloween!


  1. Those damn...I mean cute trick-or-treaters!! LOL! That was time consuming spreading all that web! You should leave it up at least til Xmas...haha!

    Love the pumpkin spilling seeds! We had a slow night so lots of candy left over for me...I mean the kids!

  2. This webbing looks like part of the Halloween decorations to me. It kind of blended in. The cat looks very cute too. Did she find something interesting? Happy Halloween!

  3. I would be fuming too. And cussing up a storm. We don't get trick or treaters. I should be thankful after I read this. I enjoyed you halloween photos. Cute!

  4. Yes, very clever! Glad it worked. That pumpkin with the spilling seeds is SOOOO scary!! As would be finding those big spiders in the spring! LOL!

  5. That pumpkim with those pumpkin tears and vomit... very awful!!! ha ha... enjoy the occasion and be as frightening as you can be :-D

  6. Oh my god, the crying/oozing pumpkin is awesome.

    Guess what? -A neighbor just brought me some hot peppers (my love for spicy stuff is apparently known), so I might be trying your hot chili paste recipe after all. What perfect timing -thanks.

  7. My tummy did a flip-flop over that pumpkin. Yikes!

    My husband put up barrier tape, as we swore off Halloween this year. I am watching what I eat, and if there was any candy left over, I would just watch myself eat it all. So, I didn't buy any.

    I wasn't really worried about kids coming in the yard. Do you remember when we were kids, there was always a house where a witch lived? Well, I think I am the witch here. LOL. Nobody in our little town has a yard that is grown up in shrubs and flowers, and has statues in it. They have grass and a tree, and that is pretty much it. So, this place is so different- must be a witch lives here!

  8. Isn't the term 'rotten kids' reserved for cranky old men, lol? Love the set up. Is that a real cat? That oozing pumpkin is gross.

  9. Lynn - that's why I only buy candy I won't touch! We had a slow night too probably due to the periodic drizzle all night. I have about 10 pounds of tootsie rolls left over!

    Sassy cat was hanging out all night. I think a lot of kids were freaked out b/c they probably thought she was a decoration, then she'd blink or move freaking them out!

    Anonymous - at sundown on Halloween night, I turn into a cranky old man.

    Janie - kids are so funny! Yes, if I were a kid and there was a tall garden with statues, I'd think a witch lived there. :)

  10. Wendy, you got really creative with the pumpkins, I think that I will steal the vomiting pumpkin for next year, very cool.

  11. The pumpkin spilling seeds was my husband's. He usually has some wacky idea!

  12. That webbing is a great idea. I bet you will see more gardeners borrowing that one.


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