Monday, September 21, 2009

Why gardeners are happy people

Growing one's own vegetables can often bring happiness to a gardener. Click here to see how one man was rewarded when he cut into his homegrown jalapeno.


  1. Thanks Wendy, that made me "smile".
    (must go cut up some veggies)!
    Oh, and thank you for adding me to your blogroll, I will add you to mine.

  2. Hey Wendy, my husband had the same thing happen. I posted about it a a month or so ago. funny how nature is! Here is the link from August 20th.

  3. Oh so cute! Love to see one some day. Sometimes our plants can really give us big surprises. What a wonderful jalapeno! As hot as it can be, they can also be so cute and sweet :-)

  4. LOL! I'm always looking at shapes of veggies and figuring out what they resemble..this inside view is awesome! Your daughter feeling better?

  5. Sometimes, we are all amaze at what nature is trying to tell us.

  6. stephanie - that's right - what a trick of mother nature!

    Lynn - yes, younger is a bit better I think. However, I just picked up the older one from school and am home again. !!!

  7. Hopeful and Happy.
    The smiling pepper is so cute.
    Besides gardeners being happy people, I have noticed we gardeners are hopeful people, which I blogged about recently.
    Just the hope of planting a seed and expecting watermelon months later is a daring act of hope, much as Christians are hopeful people.
    Being both a gardener and a Christian you can understand why I am such a hopeful person.

  8. I also think gardeners are happy and hopeful people! Resilient too! I get very discouraged at times, but does that ever stop me from planning the "best garden ever" each February? nooooo....


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