Saturday, September 5, 2009

My garden and I are in love again (late summer garden update)

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder...

As such, I love my garden right now and my garden loves me. The past two weeks have been full with going back to work full time (I work in a school), getting into the back to school routine with kids, evening activities, fewer daylight hours, and just lots of busy-ness.

Sad to report on the tomatillo, but amazingly, this seems to be my only major summer veggie casualty...

Edemame - steamed, salted, and ready to enjoy as a little afterschool snack.

Weekend harvest of peppers. Some of the jalapenos went into last night's risotto (which was just mediocre). The rest will go towards some jalapeno poppers. The cayennes and Thai burapas were dried, then fried with garlic and oil to make an extremely delicious, spicy Chinese hot sauce to eat with my carryout dim sum.

I thought I was surprised with last week's 5 asparagus spears. More surprises for me!

The netting over the butternut squash is still working well - I don't think I will be eating the raccoons' leftovers this fall like I usually do...

And, looks like more to come as well!

I'm now awaiting my Georgia Jet sweet potatoes, which seem to be doing well - at least better than the past couple of years. This year, I worked hard to "fluff" the beds and planted in hills. They're also in a sunnier spot than last year's.


  1. That hot sauce sounds awesome!

  2. You grow edemame?? I love that stuff! Someone ALWAYS bring a bowl of it to our bookclub's hard to stop once you start! Oooh, and butternut squash..they look great! And did you mention dim sum...must be dinner time...I'm hungry!

  3. Wendy, I'm asking the same question too. Did you grow edamame? My family loves it and I have to buy them frozen from the supermarkets.

  4. I really love your vege garden. Looks like you don't need to go to supermarket anymore. That patch of sweet potato looks like it can produce a lot of the potatoes. Amazing! And the chillies, they look superb. Fresher than those I buy from wet market. Good job!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Edemame is so easy to grow. You just put the seed in the ground. In a few weeks, when they look about right, you just pull the whole thing up. Next year, I'll grow more in succession. I only had a tiny yield. Maybe their little flowers were hidden by the sweet potato leaves? It's such a yummy snack. If I were a beer drinker, I bet it'd be great with a cold guinness.

    That hot chili oil? So good and soooo easy. We had a quick dinner last night since it was Back to School night - just a simple beef noodle soup but we added a little spoonful of the chili sauce. yum!!!

  6. Your squash look so healthy. Mine are near total death, but I do have a few squash from them.

    I'm growing edemame for the first time. The rabbits kept eating them down to nubs, but after I put a fence around them they made a come back and I will finally have some pods off them soon.


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