Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Purple asparagus

A late summer surprise...
Each family member gets one spear, the 5th is fought over.


  1. Wendy,

    Didn't I comment already to thank you for the Meme award?!? I looked for it but didn't see it.
    Maybe on Blotanical??
    Well, My me me meme has posted... all about me!

    Loved reading about your hair. A most creative reply.

    btw....Perfectly gorgeous asparagus, my dear :~D

  2. Only one... ooopss... I think I can have more he he... I love asparagus :-D

  3. purple asparagus. not much common here. does its taste differ from the others?.

  4. well purple is new to me. white and green are common here. does it taste like the other two?

  5. I would've eaten them fresh right out of the garden~sharing...what's that..haha! I'm impressed that you grew these Wendy! I don't have the patience to wait how ever many years asparagus take to mature! Nice job!

  6. Purple asparagus? I'd like to have some too.

  7. So I'm assuming purple asparagus is a much later variety? I always considered asparagus strictly an early spring vegetable.

  8. Thanks!

    Muhammad - I'm going to reveal something big here. I really love to grow vegetables, but don't really like to EAT vegetables. I was traumatized at an early age when my mom forced me to eat greens when the taste made me almost vomit. I've acquired a taste for more veggies in the past 10 years or so. My daughter pushed me to try the asparagus the other night - it was my first time. I always thought asparagus smelled bad, but I was really surprised at how nice the taste was - it had almost a nutty taste, but unfortunately, I cannot compare to green! This purple asparagus does turn green upon cooking though.

    Lynn - I'm pretty pleased with this asparagus (well, reletively speaking of course, I tend to grow miniature vegetables). This is the fourth year I believe. I left it totally alone for the first 2. I think about half died leaving me only about 3 crowns. The past 2 years, I harvested just a bit (like everyone gets one spear!). This year, I'm happy with how fat the spears are!

    Kristin - The past 2 years, this asparagus has come up in the spring (as usual) and again in the fall - always a nice surprise b/c I'm always convinced everything has died around this time!

    Alice - looking forward to reading your post!

  9. Wendy, The asparagus looks delicious. Quality not quantity is what is really important in these matters. Thanks for the meme. I am still working on it. I appreciate you including me. Have a great holiday!

  10. My mouth is watering. I only planted my asparagus patch this year, so I have a couple of years to wait until I can harvest properly.


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