Sunday, February 26, 2012

week 8 run recap - It's spring!

I'm sure there's some good reason for all this (about a 1/2 mile's worth of what you see below), but it's still always sad to see...

Above: the jail that's just down the street.  Below: the school where I work.  There's no significance to the juxtaposition of the images.  Really.  This week, I fought the urge to do no exercise but resigned myself to a short run on Wednesday so I could get back early enough to do some garden clean up on that glorious 68 degree afternoon.  A bit short of 2 miles, but still beat my time yet again for a 12.19 minute mile!  This morning, I lay in bed for about 40 minutes and successfully talked myself out of going on my scheduled long run.  Only the thought of breakfast souffles from Panera actually got me out of bed.

I've realized (yet again), that exercise is fantastic and makes me feel great, but there's just no way to actually lose weight and change the way I look (especially for apple shapes like me) without making changes to the daily diet - which is why tomorrow starts a 30 day eating plan per Jillian Michaels.  I'm not really a big fan or anything, but just bought the Ripped in 30 days DVD and am going to follow the eating plan too.  Watch out weeds cause in 30 days I'm going to be rrrrriiiippped and ready to do quadruple the amount of weeding and not even feel it the next day.  

It's spring!  Well, not quite, but my garden sure thinks so.  At this point, I'm not holding out for the snow any longer.  The daffs are up and I'm looking forward to spring!


  1. Hi Wendy, good luck with your diet regimen. I realized when i tried that 2yrs ago that i must really lessen my carbohydrates coz i really love rice being Asian. I changed white rice with red rice, substitute my snack with purple sweet potato (microwaved), and walk briskly 20 min 3X/wk. When i did that i easily decreased wt. It was really food which puts on the kilos.

  2. 68 degrees, eh? That would be like summer at my home. I wish you much success with all you have going on.

  3. You're progressing very well with your running activity!
    Happy spring!

  4. Those daffodils are marvellous! Over here, it is really hard to get even them to grow unless put in an air-cond room I think. Have a great day!

  5. Wendy=Wild Woman On A Tear! Just stop short of the Angelina Jolie Oscars look with the anorexic arms.

  6. Yes, no Angelina arms, please, Wendy, or Madonna arms either.
    I always find it sad to see healthy trees cut down. One of the worst offenders is the state DOT that has a thing for chopping everything in sight - oh, and spraying Round Up, too.

  7. Your garden statring to look colourful now that spring has finally visit again.

  8. Wendy: Happy Spring! Good luck with your 30 day eating plan. Although I don't think you need to change the way you look, you look fabulous the way it is now!

  9. Keep up the good work with the running. I just finished wheat belly and I am missing my wheat. But I have had a lot fewer headaches and only lost a little weight
    I am so so excited for spring toget here!


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