Sunday, February 12, 2012

week 6 run recap

Dried wintry things taken with my horrible blackberry.

Thanks to those who comment or even bother to skim these run recaps!  I'm sure these posts are not terribly thrilling, but as I mentioned in week one, it's intended to keep me accountable. Hopefully it's somewhat interesting for you to see the photos of things around the neighborhood.  I don't know how much longer I'll be able to tolerate posting these poor quality photos - I'm actually embarrassed!

Mr. H commented that he read that only a very small percentage of people (like 1%) can run over 5 miles.  That's some interesting perspective.  Kelly also said that it's important to work on building stamina and that pace will come later.  Both comments (along with the other kind comments I've received) are very encouraging!

This week, I only ran once because we've had some tiny amounts of snow and "wintry mix".  Just enough to keep people from going out, but never enough to get out of school (and thus work for me).  Last night we had a bit more and this morning, I planned to do my long run, but with wind gusts blowing around the thin as dust layer of ice, and the 18 degree temps, I figured, let's just forget it.  Hopefully I'll make up for it this coming week.  Last Monday I ran 2.85 miles - 13.33 minute mile - best time yet!


  1. Keep it up Wendy! Maybe also join some races to keep going ;-)

  2. Wendy, hahaha, it really is difficult to run in climates like that! If i were you i might just curl up in bed a little longer. No i am not tolerating you, I am just telling you what i am like, haha again!

  3. Excellent job on the 13.33 minute miles...dress warm, sounds cold over there.:)

  4. Hope the weather become favourable and you can do some running.

  5. You're really in to your running! Keep it up!

  6. I'm pretty sure you won't be bored running around as you enjoy the beautiful scenery and wild life.
    And the best part - having a good health doing just that.


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