Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still more strawberries...

"What are we going to do with the strawberries today, Mom?"

Perhaps chocolate-covered...

Maybe topped with sweetened vanilla whipped cream...

And if we're patient and put some effort into it, we could make homemade strawberry ice cream...


  1. Wow...I am impressed. Homemade ice cream. I've got to think that is the BEST way to use strawberries.

  2. Those chocolate dipped strawberries sure look yummy! I love them but they are so expensive at the few stores that do sell chocolate covered strawberries in SF. Oh and homemade ice cream? That gotta be good and healthier than store bought ice cream.

  3. Wow Wendy, i love to do that too, the problem is we dont have strawberry as it grows in the highlands, hehe. And due to the very hot weather we get very limited supply in the lowlands these days. I will just content in looking at your photos, hehe

  4. Oh! I. am. SO. jealous. We just can't win with strawberries, never get enough to do anything with. So cool that you're able to do all of this! Sounds absolutely delicious!

  5. Wendy, now this has got to be the closest thing to eye candy that I've seen! Good thing I'm not on a diet. And these are stawbs from your garden? Girl, you've got so many talents. What a delight! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to run out and check my plants. Surely there has to be at least one ripe one....

    Seen any tarps lately?? LOL

  6. That's so awesome that you grow your own organic strawberries. Nothing beats eating from from our own garden. I attempted growing strawberries a few years ago and they mutated or something because they just didn't grow out right. The weather in San Francisco is just not suitable to grow anything.

  7. Wow, yours is the second strawberry post I've read this morning, and I'm starting to feel nostalgic for when I had some plants in the garden! I never devoted enough space to them, and so they were mainly gardener snacks for when I'd go out and do some weeding. Enjoy your berries, they look sooo good!

  8. Yum! Yes to all three, please. :) We're attempting strawberry jam this weekend, first time canning anything, and it's feeling a bit daunting the closer we get to the scheduled day. Maybe we should just dip them in chocolate instead. ;)

  9. Strawberry ice cream is very welcome in our hot climate here... hmmm, the little one looked so absorbed!


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