Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If I do say so myself

Oh. my. god.

It's really nice right?

Like, wouldn't anyone walking by think it's really nice?

Are you amazed by the allium?

Keep your eyes on that plant over there.

Isn't that color cool? Have you ever seen anything like it?

Don't you just love that combination - the color, the texture, everything?

The whole thing is just so nice, right? Like really?


Watch that plant over there. It will amaze you in approximately 2 weeks.

Did that person look at my garden when she walked by?

Can you believe this is our garden?

Don't you think there's so much to see?

Smell that over there and be amazed.

Wait, do you want a tour of the garden before you go in?

Isn't this plant cool? Touch the leaves.

Look at this shrub, it has tiny flowers. Did you see the flowers?

Did you check on that plant today that I told you to keep your eyeball on?

(Are you as sick of me and my daily questions as my family is?)


  1. Too funny! I'm sure my husband could relate to your post.

  2. What kind of baptisia is that? I think I saw it before, and wanted it, but I forgot the name.

  3. Sylvana, the maroon baptisia I believe is twilite prairieblues. The light blue - I don't know. I ordered short white ones because I thought it would look nice in front of the maroon, but obviously they sent me the wrong ones! Good mistake though. Can i just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE baptisia? I love the gorgeous flower stalks of course, but also love the foliage. Notice they look like little coins. They stay sturdy, though they sway in the wind. They're green all summer/fall and look like a perfect little shrub (though they blacken easily with frost). It's taken about 3 years for them to get really established, but they're really blooming like gangbusters now.

  4. Im more familiar with vegetables than flowers, but I do have a handful of purple alliums growing in my garden border and am starting to watch the stem grow tall and slender each day. Its be next month I think when I actually ge to enjoy it like you in all its glory. Such a magnificent flower. Enjoy.

  5. Never can get my fill of a lovely garden tour and the excited gardener! Happy May, Wendy :)

  6. I would have done the same thing myself with many repeats and rewinds, I guess. People who like gardening understands but the rest of my family fall asleep.

  7. The allium is bursting with flowers and colours. What a cool flower! Love the way you combine the flowers. So green and colourful :-D enjoy!

  8. I do the same thing to my husband, he is patient, and always willing to humour me, thank god!
    Love the combination, the colour, the texture, everything!

  9. Yay,,all so super gorgeous..i too love alliums and have some...they are dazzling! I love your garden-crazed-spirit..rock on..i am the same way! Have a joyful day full of flowers!

  10. I betcha you will infect many visitors with the gardening bug.

  11. Hi, Wendy;
    Thanks for the great giggle. I was chuckling through this entire post. I do the same thing and my daughter just walks away shaking her head. :)

    Your flowers are gorgeous. I just bought the same Baptisia!

  12. My goodness, never saw so beautiful flowers in this color. I did not know the allium flowers can be so pretty. I planted some alliums this winter but none bloomed yet.

  13. I've been stalking those new Baptisia cultivars. Time to make an effort to source one, though I don't think I'd be as lucky as you and end up with one by mistake. Alliums are one of my favorites. I don't think they will forgive me for moving them last week, so I probably won't get blooms this year: wah!

    Christine in Alaska

  14. Lol. I think I bore my family to tears as well talking about this kind of stuff too. But you don't bore me at all.

    LOVE all your spring beauties!

  15. It's occurred to me that some people may not have read the punchline. Though I'm actually pretty happy and proud, I'm not really this cocky about my garden!

    Thanks for your comments!!

  16. Heh! So I'm not the only one! Poor hubby - he succumbs every other day to "So do you wanna walk through the garden today?"
    This post made me laugh out loud... probably because it's all stuff I could've written!


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