Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick tour of the vegetable garden

Bottom left: lettuce, garlic, broccoli, black-eyed peas, lavender. Bottom right: herbs, jalapeno, chanterais melon, pepperoncini, cayenne pepper seedlings, rhubarb, lavender. Top right: black diamond watermelon, raspberry, basil, monarda. Top left: monarda, beets, Swiss chard, asparagus, basil. In the little coldframe: tomatoes waiting for a less windy day to be planted. In the black pot next to it: an avocado pit the little one has planted, just for fun.

First, this scene below is just annoying! All I ask the stupid rodent who did this is WHY!???!! Leave my stuff alone!!

Top: the side yard is going through some construction. This year, I was able to create more gardening footage, but there is much room for aesthetic improvement. I'm open to suggestions. Bottom corner shows bolita beans that germinated in...get this...1 day! Spin around and you'll see the side yard below. Some perennials near the downspout, strawberries behind that, carrots behind that, edemame behind that, a row of filet green beets in a row near the front. Oh, and two new blueberry shrubs in-ground, and a few oriental and Asiatic lilies just out of sight.

(*This post has been drastically edited)

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