Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

On the 15th of each month, garden bloggers the world over showcase what's blooming in their gardens. Information is on May Dreams Gardens blog. Click to see what's going on in other gardens! Here are some of my blooms this August 15th, 2009...

First and foremost, the Southern Magnolia below, so wonderfully fragrant it knocks you out (bet you can smell it if you get real close)...

The burgundy gaillardia...

Keys of heaven in the foreground and ever-reliable moonbeam coreopsis

A rose here and there...

One of my absolute favorites - the Russian sage (with some Kim's mop head echinacea fuzzy and peeking in the background)...

Non-stop blooming marigolds and the planter in the background. My upright piece in the planter is the asparagus fern, which I'm not completely happy with - though the foliage is interesting, it does not provide the height I was looking for.

Window boxes - struggling, but these flowers are survivors!
The plant we all take for granted until they delight with their blooms, liriope...

And in the shade garden, the new astilbe...
Meet you back in the fall!!!


  1. looks great, esp that magnolia!

  2. Wendy, this magnolia is very beautiful. Does it have a strong or fragrance too?

  3. Thanks! The magnolia has an amazing fragrance. I'm not a huge fragrance person, so I'm not sure I can describe it, but it's very...sweet sort of. It's really really fragrant, but not an overwhelming one like an oriental lily. It's not musky at all. Just a nice perfume. Not like a rose at all, but that sort of thing - sweet. Someone else help me here...

  4. very pretty flowers. we grow magnolia grandiflora here with very sweet fragrance. This is first time i am seeing a burgundy gaillardia. we usually grow yellow one or bicolor red and yellow.

  5. I have a magnolia tree in the front yard that I smell every morning before I go to work. It's like aroma therapy! The smell is fragrant but delicate. It's not too sweet or overpowering. I wonder if you can eat it?

  6. Muhammad, the yellow gaillardia on your blog is very interesting!

  7. I am sure the magnolia is magnificent, but it is your photo that turns it into a work of art...akin to a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

  8. Your magnolia is blooming in the fall? Sweet. I have a deciduous that blooms a pale yellow in the spring, but barely a scent.

    I really like the burgundy gailardia. I planted the common variety about ten years ago. They seed out great, a little too great for some. But I have been weeding out the yellow and red to leave the burgundies and the orange and reds.


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