Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chantenay Red Core Carrots - check out my harvest!

The price of carrot seed*...$2.00
The hours worked on preparing, planting, mulching, and watering this carrot bed...too many
The number of carrots harvested...4
The average length of each carrot...1 inch
Comments from the kids...priceless

11 y.o.: (upon cutting her carrot with knife and fork into toddler-sized bites) This is it?

4 y.o.: (upon eating her share of the harvest in one bite - and a little more optimistically) Mmm. Now I'm healfy!

*I reluctantly reveal that these seeds were from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, but only reluctantly because I don't want to give the impression that the seeds aren't good. I order from them every year. They're a great little company and I'm just a crappy carrot grower! Check out their site!


  1. Too cute -- the kids and the carrots! I'll be attempting to grow my first carrots starting next month, but everyone I've seen has had super tiny results. I guess I'll see what kind of carrots I can grow now!

  2. It is always a great joy to see our own kids eat and like what we prepare for them. Better still, if it comes from our own garden.

  3. It'd be nice if they could grow just a bit bigger though! Today I was peeling one of my 4 little carrots with a potato peeler and my older daughter goes, "Stop mom! You're wasting it!!!" LOL! Still, carrots are always fun for kids to pull.

  4. I grew Danvers Half-long and Chantennay Red Core, both from Baker Creek. The Chantennays didn't even sprout - not a one of them as far as I can tell. The Danvers did a little bit better though. Carrots are so much harder to grow than I thought they would be!

    Love the photos. :o) Absolutely too cute.

  5. Well you did better than me! I got zilch from my carrot crop as something ate them all. I say all but there were only about a dozen altogether! Your post made me smile! Thanks. Val

  6. Ho ho - that beats my 18 beans ...:

  7. When I end up with carrots that size I tell people they are "petite carrots." It sounds more impressive, kind of like I meant for them to be that size.

    Your daughters are too cute. I love the line about, "You're wasting it."

  8. I will definitely start calling my vegetables "petite". That's great! Maybe add a "gourmet petite" or something. I look to the day I can speak of my "harvest" in terms of pounds instead of number counts - 18 beans. :)

  9. So funny. That's the kind of thing that happens to me all the time. I trying carrots this year for the first time. Maybe I should rethink that.


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