Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gardening and Immediacy

I'd been reading a lot of Facebook posts recently by experienced gardeners scoffing at newbies for infractions like buying tender annuals too early or buying tomato plants far before it's time to plant them.  Though I'm experienced enough to also know these novices are wasting time and money, I am also a spur-of-the-moment, or haven't-totally-thought-it-through-but-I-wanna-do-it kind of person.  Some may call it impatience, but I believe it's the sheer excitement of gardening taking over, and it's a feeling I wouldn't want to lose.  I wrote about it here for the popular Garden Rant blog.  What are your thoughts?


  1. Oh, I don't think it's ever cool to make fun of newbies. They're trying something new, and want the same satisfaction and enjoyment that more experienced gardeners are looking for. We all started at the beginning, and we've all bought things we know we shouldn't. It's part of playing in the garden. I'm a rose newbie, and I'm sure my rosarian friends laugh at my fretting, but the advice they give is priceless, and the friendships valued.

  2. At first I thought the title of your post was, Gardening and Intimacy. That might be a topic for your next post. LOL. I feel badly for you Wendy, having neighbors who were so quick to point out why your ideas were wrong for whatever reason. I'm glad you were stubborn enough to say, "We'll just see about that!" You go girl!

  3. I think many will have their opinion on our garden...but we must stand for our decision! ;)

  4. I do hate those that rain on your parade. I remember when I redid my front yard - changed up the landscape of the previous owners. I wanted to add color and perennial flowers in front of the house and cut the cost in keep purchasing every year flowers to plant. My next door neighbor (elder guy) told my husband "why your wife got rid of the bushes? Those bushes were expensive- the previous owner planted."
    People will comment on your style but just remember you have the final decision on what you want and what advice you will take if given.

  5. Ha! I will pop on over Wendy! Congrats on posting on such an outstanding blog! I get it....but I do think and hope that as I age instead of knocking newbie gardeners for their mistakes that I lend a hand. Pass on the knowledge that comes with the growth that happens in the garden over time. For me it is all about is a beautiful season and one that many just want to dive into! And can you blame anyone after the winter we have had! Happy spring lady!!!


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