Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to grow microgreens

Beet microgreens - research proves microgreens are supernutritious
I hope you get to check out the spring issue of Heirloom Gardener magazine.  My article about how to grow microgreens is inside, along with many really interesting articles and lots of DIY projects.  Here's the shortened 3-step version - because I'm THAT confident anyone can grow a great flat of healthful, delicious, and beautiful microgreens that easily.

STEP 1: Heavily sow seeds onto shallow tray (with drainage holes) of soil.  Cover with a fine layer of soil.

STEP 2: Daily, mist until soil is completely moist.  

STEP 3: Harvest in about 10-14 days by snipping just above the soil line.  

Microgreen salad mix: sunflower greens and radish greens - served with goat cheese medallions


  1. I have heard about this super food too!

  2. I have been experimenting with microgreens and got a kit to grow them in water, but in my tropical climate that just turned out to be a source for insects to breed in! I also experimented in seed raising mix but with limited succcess. now I have gone back to growing sprouts and developing a love for them. I grew some snow peas to microgreen size in my sprouter, and then tossed them into the garden after snipping the tops off, now they are climbing a trellis, so living a double life :)

    1. If you have chickens, I bet they would be a great treat for them! :o)

  3. That is just fabulous about your article, Wendy! The hot pink new growth on seedlings are tooo pretty!! And love that your girls get involved in the process...;D

  4. I love growing microgreens!!


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