Thursday, April 10, 2014

Everyone: look at my hellebores!

I'm very annoying to my family members from about April through September.  Everytime we pull up in the driveway, "Wow, look at that striped clematis."  Everytime we walk up to the house, "Oooh, did you see the Asiatic lily?"  When we're in the kitchen, "Look at the blooms on the fothergilla."  And currently, "The hellebores - everyone!  Look at the hellebores!"  Can you really blame me though?

At the end of every winter, the hellebores get their simple tidying up... a few minutes per year of care, and...

...voila! Really.  I can't think of an easier, more gorgeous, carefree perennial.  Shade-loving, persistent even when occasionally snowed upon, and with a form that looks like a bouquet growing straight out of the ground.  And maybe also a bit because they herald spring, hellebores are probably my favorite perennials in my garden.  


  1. I love the pink hellebores!! I am lucky to be far enough south that I don't typically have to trim back my hellebores, but this year was an exception. I was so impressed in how they recovered and how gorgeous they looked after their haircut. They are truly great plants.

    I think my blog readers are like your family, my posts this time of year are all garden!

  2. Beautiful hellebores - I love the mix of colors you have! I'm the same way with my family... always jumping around pointing at things, while they roll their eyes. Why isn't the whole world excited that (X) has started blooming in my yard? :-)

  3. That last photo is especially stunning. I will ooh and aah, even if your family will not.

  4. Those are definitely worth ogling, Wendy. I love the pink one.


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