Monday, July 1, 2013

Mulberry picking and the treats that followed

We were really sad because a few years ago, someone from the city came around with a gigantic commercial vertical lawnmower and destroyed our secret spot that was full of mulberry trees.  A little while back, I was running and happened to encounter a spot where hundreds of perfectly sweet and ripe mulberries had rained down.  I ran home and came back with the reinforcements.  The rest of the day went to making delicious treats...

First I made a mulberry apple pie.  That was gobbled up.  

Next, I made a streusel topping... 

Then I made a mulberry syrup...

Then I made a cooked custard ice cream and folded the streusel and syrup in.  Oh my freaking yum.  So good.  But so labor intensive.  That might have been a one time deal.  

I also made a mulberry cobbler for the next morning's breakfast.  

 Finally, I made myself a little concoction of mulberry syrup, sparkling water, Tanqueray, and lime. Twas a fine day.


  1. The many faces of mulberries, in your hands, transcend delicious. This is a fruit, like medlar, that I have heard of but never encountered. They look a lot like raspberries in that first picture.

  2. I am salivating now, so thanks, Wendy;)
    I agree that the ice cream thing might be a bit too labor intensive, though...

  3. Wow, that ice cream! What a deliciciously awesome idea!!

  4. That's a lot of mulberries! What is the secret? Mine only produce 7-8 small berries at time....sigh....


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