Sunday, June 17, 2012

GTTC: grilled corn on the cob with fresh herb butter

I may have mentioned this before, but my husband holds a weekly backyard BBQ.  Sometimes one or more friends come by, sometimes, he's out there standing solo over the charcoal grill, beer in one hand, spatula in the other.  There are benefits and drawbacks...

His walking back and forth from the backyard to the kitchen inevitably creates a big mess.  And each trip through the sliding glass door invites about 3 mosquitoes in the house.  They seek me out immediately.  At some point, the cat enters (with a waiting group of 3 mosquitoes) and jumps immediately on the table to start eating our food.  I'll be downstairs but know she's up to no good because I hear the quick clink! clink! clink! of a spoon knocking around in a bowl.  Most importantly, there's got to be something unhealthy about a heavy weekly dose of carcinogenic red meat, chips, soda, and potato salad.

Of course, there are some nice things about the weekly BBQ.  Despite my health concerns, he's creating fond memories for the kids.  He likes to see what's going on in the garden.  He's made special creations like the Satan burger, his own version of a spicy tomato condiment, grilled blue-cheese stuffed peppers, and ultimately, he wants to please me.  When I said it'd be nice to have some bacon-wrapped turkey, I entered the kitchen a few hours later to find a plate of turkey kebabs, wrapped in bacon and ready for the grill.  This week, after something I'd mentioned earlier, he was inspired to grill some corn for me.  I made some herbed butter full of fresh rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  It was delicious on the corn.

As a side note, something was not quite right about it and it kept nagging at me.  I eventually figured out that what didn't seem right was that we were eating corn in June.  Though it's so endearing that my husband would go to the supermarket and buy corn from who-knows-where, we're not harvesting corn in Maryland yet, and it just didn't feel right.  Maybe it's purely psychological, but it also didn't taste right.  I'll have him try this again with local summer corn in a couple of months and will report back. I'm sure that post will include the words - SWEET...CRISP...BUTTERY...

What are you growing and cooking this week?  I'd love to know about it!


  1. Oh now I feel bad - I have some corn in my fridge at the moment and its a long time since it was corn season here too. A truck from Queensland I expect.....hope it tastes ok - I do like the idea of it bbq'd with some herb butter.

  2. It was interesting reading this post on your cozy domestic going-ons. We love grilled buttered corn too, though I mostly do it indoors in the oven cause our climate is just too hot for bbqs.

  3. hi wendy, mozzies, cat, Satanburgers - lol! - it sounds a bit like a comic book story! Interesting it didn't feel right eating the corn - i guess when you get in sync with the seasons and grow your own and shop at farmers markets, you do get out of the habit of eating what's out of season.

  4. I'm curious about how you made your herb butter...I've never made any. It sounds wonderful, and I was just given a dill plant!

    Thanks for hosting!!

  5. I was wondering, Wendy. I thought, wow, they're harvesting corn really early back east! :) You're right. It's just not the same when it's come from the store instead of the Farmers' Market or your own garden.

    Kudos to your hubby for his weekly BBQs. I think it's a great idea.

    We're picking scads of raspberries. They're early and prolific thanks to all the rain we've had. The strawbs are producing too but not like the rasps. They don't make it to the kitchen though because I plop them into my mouth immediately.

    How is your little dog doing? I've been wondering. I hope you're enjoying your (first day of) summer.

  6. Haha-I know what you mean about the in-and-out with the BBQ-ing! Right now, I have 2 (two!) grape tomatoes that are ripe, harvested, and awaiting preparation. LOL!

  7. We love the BBQ but it sounds like your hubby is much more adventurous than I am. Just burgers and chicken mostly around our place. We do grill a pizza every once in a while!!

  8. I think all men should be encouraged in their culinary pursuits. R makes great veggie stews and soups, and what is it about men and grilling? Mmmm...satan burgers!


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