Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GBBD - May 2012

Every May, I appreciate the name of Carol's blog - May Dreams Gardens.  Stop by there to see other blooms, if the ones below don't satisfy you!  

Above - some sort of little firework allium.  Below: lingonberry blooms.

Above: sinocalycalycanthus.

Above: Major Wheeler honeysuckle.  Below: Pass the Wine rebloomer

Above: pale blue Siberian iris, purple French lavender, light green euphorbia in bloom.  Below: baptisia

Above: green halo peony.  Below: don't have the name, but isn't is pretty?!

Above: reliable pinks.  Below: clematis rooguchi.  I love it.  A beautiful clematis for the deep shade.


  1. lovely flowers - i wondered if you would include any herb or veggie flowers? one flower I adore in my garden is garlic chives.

  2. Your flowers are awesome, Wendy! Love the lingonberry!

  3. What beautiful flowers you have surrounding you. Just lovely.

  4. Very pretty flowers and great colours! Love the mixture of pale and deep hues. That patch of pinks is remarkable. Enjoyed reading this post. Not much text just lovely blossoms. TQVM!!

  5. I love the bright spots of yellow and green on your pure white allium. So many pretty things right now!

  6. So many beautiful blooms! I especially love that trio of iris, euphorbia, and lavender.

  7. So may pretty blooms! Most of them can't be palnted here!
    Your garden must be very fragrant now! ;)

  8. Replies
    1. I realize this is spam, and I hesitate to help this crappy outdoor sheds site advertise, but the comment is just too funny to not publish.

      I post photos from my garden, along with a link to the GBBD host and I get, "bright and intense analysis". Yeah!

    2. I throughly enjoy your sense of humor. How could you not post that. So....profound.

  9. I have some wild garlic very similar to your "little firework allium", I posted a picture a few days ago. It's a weed but the flowers are so lovely!

  10. Wendy, do you know what's up with Rosey. Dung Ho has gone private. Did she have another blog?


    1. yes, there's a family blog - I forget the name off hand...I feel like I did reach her blog after I got that DENIED message. Can't remember how I got there though. I just tried again and can't get on.


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