Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth (please!)

So, I'm supposed to do my talk about growing and cooking Chinese vegetables tomorrow at the Maryland Master Gardener's Annual Training Day.  I checked out the brochure and the speakers are published authors, PhDs, lifetime experts in the field, and then...lil' ole me.

I THINK I've put together an informative presentation - I've got a clever title, a powerpoint presentation with some interesting info, a simple cooking demo, handouts, some food to sample, and I'm going to give away the veggies I'm bringing in to show - luffa gourds, long beans, etc.  I'm also a ridiculously organized person and have no fear of public speaking.  So it could possibly go well.

But here are some things that can go wrong:

  • First and foremost, I could have technical difficulties.  I'm not technologically-inclined, so this is always a big fear of mine.  
  • I could be asked a question I can't answer, which would be mortifying. 
  • Worse yet, I could have a heckler in the crowd.  
  • My cooking demo could go wrong in a number of horrible ways.  
  • People could scoff (or worse, be grossed out) at my samples.
BUT, I've come up with a little insurance policy.  I'm also going to give out some seeds.  What gardener doesn't love seeds right?  In the basket above are some business cards I've printed from Moo.  Moo cards are pretty awesome.  My photos are on the front, and my contact info is on the back.  Stapled to each card are 3 small packets of Chinese vegetable seeds.  Because what I'm thinking is...you can't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?  Right?  I hope?!


  1. I have full confidence in you: bet you will outshine all those stuffy PhD's. But yes, giveaways will further endear you to your audience. I am growing melons and gourds this year from seeds from you that are still viable 2 years out.

  2. oh! I would have loved to attend!! Good luck, I know you'll be fantastic! I will be sending out good vibes:)

  3. Yes, you will do a great job! And how nice to walk away with a packed of specialty seeds.

  4. With all of your talents, Wendy, know all will be fine. Good luck!

  5. I'm sure you will be great! Besides, gardening folks aren't the type to heckle, are they? I sure hope not!

  6. what a great idea! I am sure it will all go well, I couldn't imagine doing something like that!

  7. The seeds are a great idea. Regarding a question you don't know the answer to, I always think the best thing to do is confidently say something along the lines of " I'm afraid that's not an area I'm particularly familiar with" and then simply move on to the next question, or alternatively throw it back to the audience for their opinion. No one knows everything (except, in my experience, 5 year old girls but then they just think they know everything, or pretend they do to avoid being told things by their mothers).

  8. Wendy: I bet your demo went very well with such thourough paraparation, organization and planning! That business card design with seed packets is a great idea !

  9. Sounds like you were very prepared. How did it go? Hope you had fun :)


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