Sunday, August 14, 2011

GTTC: jalapeno corn pudding

I take back what I said about herbs being the only things growing. Something about jalapenos - they're so incredibly reliable and I can't get enough of them. Below, the corn looks like it's doing something. Not sure I'll get to try any of it, but it's an awful good show.

For this week's Garden to Table Challenge, I tried Bon Appetit's Jalapeno Corn Pudding. I think a dish like this is something you either really like or really don't. If you like bread pudding, corn bread, and Southwestern flavors, you'll love this. In it: fresh corn, roasted red peppers, onion, garlic, jalapeno, green onion, cilantro, cornmeal, eggs, and it's all topped with sharp cheddar. It was a deliciously savory, moist, gritty, slightly spicy, goes-with-any meal or serve by itself snack, and despite all the pungent vegetables and herbs, my children ate it up!

What's going on in your garden these days? I'd love to know how you're using your harvest! I've been hosting the occasional giveaway and all you need to do to earn an entry for the next prize I think up is to provide a link back to this blog in your post and link below!

I'm envious of those of you picking tomatoes every day. My tomatoes are so horrible, my husband told me that even the raccoons won't touch them. It's true. :( Meanwhile, my friend Grace is running a tomato juice operation - she can't get enough plastic bottles to fill and freeze. She is simply feeding her tomatoes through the food mill and cooking the juice down with onions, herbs, etc. Perfect to use in soups or to drink straight.


  1. Your jalepano plant look green and healthy. Interesting dish you cook this week.

  2. Good morning from Japan... my missus and I love jalapenos for their flavor... ours are just about to fruit... we are currently harvesting quite a bit stuff from our potager...

  3. I love jalapenos especially in subway subway sandwitches:D . This is the first time i m watching them on a plant.Thanks.

  4. I need to have a go at making this corn pudding too as I like jalapeno's.

  5. My tomato crop could be a lot better, but I am getting some. For two weeks, I have been harvesting my San Marzanos and making a delicious and easy sauce.
    I slice the tomatoes lengthwise and drizzle the halves with olive oil. A quick pass with the salt and pepper and about a teaspoon of sugar, and then it's into a 350 degree oven until the pieces look cooked through and a bit brown.
    I cool them a bit, then I add fresh basil, garlic and shallots from the garden and puree again.
    After this cools, I spoon it into freezer bags.
    This is a delicious recipe for a basic sauce that I can add stuff like meat and mushrooms to, depending on what we feel like. Way easier than canning, and I think roasting enhances the flavor of the tomatoes.

    After this cools, I put it in freezer bags and into the freezer it goes.

  6. The pudding look good. I have linked mine too!


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