Friday, May 6, 2011

GTTC - Tabbouleh

Rather than waste the precious spring at work, I should just take the season off to stay home. I'd move a kitchen chair out to my front walk and surely I'd be able to watch these plants bud and bloom right before my eyes. Below, a new garden structure. And just when I thought the garden had completely lost my almost 13 year old's interest, she remarks how the new garden obelisk adds "a lot of depth" to the garden. Oh yes it does, and I can't believe she noticed!

The photo above was taken about 3-4 weeks ago. The photo below was taken a few days ago.

In the back, pretty and delicate blooms.. lily of the valley and moss phlox tumbling over walls.


And in the vegetable garden, the parsley is a veritable shrub! This week I have decided to make good use of the parsley that is fragrant and lush. I tried to think of something that would require a large amount of parsley and the tabbouleh below completely fit the bill - a perfect light, slightly tart, and fresh spring salad. In the tabbouleh: cracked wheat (soaked in hot water 1:1 for an hour), tomato seeded and chopped, cucumber seeded and chopped, about 1 cup of parsley chopped, and an easy and flavorful dressing of extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a sprinkle of salt.

What culinary delights are happening at your place? To enter the Garden to Table Challenge end of season raffle: post about what you're growing/buying and cooking on your blog being sure to include a link back to Greenish Thumb. Then simply link below. Post any day of the week. I will have new posts up weekly on Saturdays. Have fun!


  1. A lot of difference in the garden in just 3-4 weeks. It's so pretty now and I love that rock wall or planter.

  2. Btw, your new header is gorgeous....the shoots represent little new beginnings.

  3. I always admire allium pom pom flower.

  4. We love tabbouleh, but the deer/rabbits/something ate all our parsley to the ground last fall. So no homegrown parsley here this spring. I've got volunteer coriander/cilantro everywhere though.

  5. Wendy your new header is very beautiful, i always love a frond unfurling, but when there's a lot in one place, oh that's really wonderful. Your garden blooms so fast when you showed the before and after shot. Happy Mothers' Day.

  6. What a beautiful and peaceful garden! Your herbs looks like they're thriving!! I love tabbouleh. Thanks for reminding me. I'll have to make some to use up some herbs!

  7. I adore lily of the valley. We once had some neighbors in Michigan with a giant clump and they let us pick bouquets. They would scent and entire room with just a tiny amount.
    I have made tabouleh with quinoa and it turned out tasty. This is a good way to use parsley.
    I happen to think you are very creative, just so you know. ;)

  8. What a difference 4 weeks makes! Your garden looks wonderful. I love the agapanthus! My best friend is Lebanese and he makes wonderful middle eastern food. Tabbouleh is one of my faves! Yum. Good use of parsley indeed!

  9. Amazing what a difference just a few weeks makes! Mmmm...your tabbouleh sounds yummy!

  10. Spring is a beautiful time in your garden. I love your new header. This is the first time I heard of tabbouleh and it looks extremely delicious. Most of the time, I see parsley as a decorative garnishing on dinner dishes here, which is often discarded and not eaten. I think it gives a healthy green touch to the tabbouleh.


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