Friday, May 13, 2011

May GBBD (!!!) & GTTC - sesame soba noodle salad

***** Happy May! *********************

This week, the salad greens have grown just beyond babyhood. The lettuce mix made a beautiful salad with soba noodles and an Asian-style sesame dressing. Here's what went in the salad (sorry, I didn't measure, but you won't be able to mess this up!): spring salad greens, cucumbers, cilantro, dried red pepper, green onions, soba noodles (cooked, rinsed with cold water, drained), and a dressing made of: peanut butter, orange juice, oil, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, lime juice, sesame oil, minced garlic, minced ginger.

If you've created something delicious this week using your own fresh harvest, I would LOVE to hear about it. Show your stuff off in your post making sure to include a link back to Greenish Thumb, and link to the current week's GTTC (posted every Saturday) using Mr. Linky. Each entry that includes a link back here, will be entered in a raffle for end of gardening season prizes (TBD. I have still not had any fabulous light bulb ideas, but I'm getting close). Those of you who have already posted and linked - I have your names down in my jar!


In other news...It's MAY! Carol's blog's namesake. Thanks for checking out my blooms below. Next, why not visit May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming in other parts of the world?

Baptisia, allium, maroon-colored sinocalycanthus above. Below, the blooms of hairy vetch - used as a cover crop in my vegetable garden.

Irises galore!

Lavender with a lush green backdrop of sedum.

'Green Halo' peony...

Preview for June: many lilies, roses, and summer perennials. See you back for GTTC next Saturday and GBBD on June 15th!

Reminder: you're linking below if you're participating in the Garden to Table Challenge. See you again soon!


  1. I love irises! They're so pretty!! Mmmm soba sounds yummy!!

  2. Your soba salad is definitely going to be on the menu this week. Our lettuce has gotten really big in the last week and needs to be used up.

    Is that Lavender stoechas in your GBBD photos? I didn't know it was hardy here. Lavender 'Munstead' is just starting to bloom in central Virginia.

  3. Soba very healthy! I like your irises.

  4. Love that "Green Halo" peony, Wendy. How does it stand up to rain storms?

  5. Tangled Branches - Yes, stoechas. I bought a few pots during a trip to Whole Foods b/c they were so darn gorgeous. This is their 3 spring and they've spread quite a bit. Gorgeous!

    Cynthia - green halo held up well in our snow storm today! As they open the flowers are more crepey and crazy looking than a pretty little bowl, but it's SO eye-catching from the street and they stand straight up. No flopping. I love green halo!

  6. I just popped in to say your GBBD flowers are fantastic!
    The salad looks pretty tasty too. Yum
    I love your Iris and especially the peony. I wish My peony would bloom again. Only once in 12 years mean I must have planted in a crappy place or something.

  7. I can use your recipe. I like soba too. Love your colour beautiful blooms. Happy GBBD!

  8. Happy May to you an family! Love how your garden!! Love the peonies and irises :-D Your salad dressing with peanut butter and orange juice sounds good ;-)

  9. GREAT soba recipe - peanut butter unusual but I'm sure I will like it. I've got that lavender too, it's lovely.

  10. Ahh, peonies. My very favorite. My three year old peony plant died this winter in our harsh, below zero temps. I'm sad. Yours are beautiful!
    Thanks for the soba recipe. I love anything with an Asian twist that calls for peanut butter - I was so surprised the first time I tried that to find out how great it really is.

  11. Always learn something here about tweaking recipes to make them even better. I hope to get with the program by next Saturday.

  12. Lovely post...those Baptisias are spectacular!

  13. Ahhhh, irises and peonies--I'm so jealous! I did recently discover that I can buy cut flower peonies on island though, so that was exciting.

    Your soba noodle salad sounds gooooood.

  14. Love the idea of a Garden to Table Challenge! I look forward to all of the recipes :)

  15. Yum, I love Soba noodles. I can't wait until my garden starts producing so I can participate in GTTC again. :)


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