Friday, October 1, 2010

Garden to Table Challenge - end of September

This week, the Greenish Thumb household is still harvesting and eating fresh, and all are happy that the Kenny's, Chipotle, and Subway nights have not been too frequent. Here's a little secret I should reveal about myself: I love to cook, but abhor making dinner. Does that make any sense? I'll cook if I'm inspired, if I'm having people over, if I'm trying something new, I WON'T if I've worked a long day, have chauffeured kids to activities, when I want to play with my 5 year old, or when the house is a disaster area. The weekly GTTC has kept my interest thus far and this week, I have several ideas to share with you.

Above - my "non-pesto" ravioli. Inspired because I hate that worthless piece of shit Magic Bullet and love this easier, less messy, and less oily pasta dish more than traditional pesto (which honestly, I'm getting tired of having with pasta). All you see is lightly fried slivered garlic, toasted pine nuts, basil ribbons, a drizzle of olive oil, and asiago cheese.

Above - the first step in my second crock pot meal ever - thyme chicken (cooked in white wine and a little broth). I didn't take subsequent photos because I was not happy with the way this dish smelled while it cooked. But guess what?! When it was finished, it tasted delicious! Lots of exciting twists and turns in this blog, huh?

Have I mentioned how awesome my mother is? Today while I was at work, she went to dim sum with her friends, and ordered TONS of carry out dim sum which she then delivered to my house before I got home with my ravenous kids and their friends. Above, my after work meal with a bit of my hot chili paste.

Finally, fresh juice I thought was very pretty - orange, my own carrots, and my own beets.

What you got going this week? I and others want to know. Post whenever you can!


  1. Wendy, The first time I linked I forgot to change the address so it goes to one of my older GTTC posts. Do you have a way of deleting these on your end. If so please delete the first one. Thanks, Charlotte

  2. Love the "deconstructed" pesto!!!

  3. Did you make the ravioli from scratch? Yum.

  4. Oh my heck . I wish you were cooking dinner at my house tonight. But you would be hardpressed to find such great fresh ingredients at your fingertips. Thanks for sharing how you made these delectables.
    I remember making beet juice, ( before my juicer bit the dust a while back) Good stuff when mixed with apples and carrots.

  5. Yummy dishes again! Looks good for breakfast too. I think the fruit juice made this way is fun.

  6. Thyme chicken in a crockpot! And you didn't share the recipe, I need it!!! (actually the crock pot is my best friend up at KG)

  7. Your challenge is keeping me thinking about creative ways to use the bounty. Thanks!

  8. Beautiful photos, and such inspiring dishes! It's been super simple around here lately - I'm on a diet that forbids wheat, dairy, sugar/sweeteners, yeast, anything fermented... yeah. So there's not much room for creativity there, sorry for my rather dull posts lately! Your stuff sure looks amazing though, I might have to try some raviolis for the family, I bet they'd love it.

  9. I'm so with you on the love to cook/hate making dinner thing! I'm out the door around 6:30 and usually not home until almost 12 hours later. The days when I have to cook dinner are excruciating. But give me a long weekend with fresh produce from the garden and a pinch of inspiration and I'm totally happy.

  10. Still picking away
    And eating quite grand
    Things from the garden
    You grew from your land

    Chicken and thyme
    In a little white wine
    Didn’t smell good but
    Tasted divine

    Your mother was sweet
    Her food you did eat
    With your hot chili paste
    A free meal you couldn’t beat

    You know this gardening thing is out of my scope of normal posting.

  11. I made my Mediterranean couscous salad the other day - it was so good. The weather is turning a bit, so that suggests some kind of stew to me. I don't eat much meat, so I'll have to think about that.

  12. That bowl of primary colors is stunning!


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