Friday, September 10, 2010

Garden to Table Challenge - week 4

This week I'm excited because not only am I still enjoying the badge on my side bar, but I've also decided on the fabulous prizes I mentioned during GTTC pre-week (it's a secret). In case you're just joining us, each link to this challenge earns an entry for fabulous prizes, to be awarded sometime in November.

Just a reminder - if you would like to link this blog/challenge to your post in addition to linking your post here, we can increase participation. This weekly get-together has been great (and honestly, I have made lots of dinners based on your ideas!), but let's see if we can make it a par-tay!


This week, I'm harvesting lots of peppers! One day I heard about someone enjoying soba noodles and had a big time craving for the simple and delicious noodles. I scoured all the menus in my take-out binder to no avail. Defeated, I opened the ramen noodles cabinet and lo and behold - 2 boxes of Trader Joe's soba noodles I bought ages ago! I must say, they were not as good as I hoped, but the addition of snipped cayenne pepper spiced things up.

Below, my husband's grilled "Satan burger". Wow.

And to cool the heat, you'll see an assortment of drinks below. The little wee 5 year old had the little wee 5 year old drink (muddled lime, mint, sugar, water). The middle sized 12 year old had the middle sized 12 year old drink (muddled lime, mint, sugar, club soda). And the adult mama, had the adult drink (classic mojito - muddled lime, mint, sugar, rum, club soda). Did you see that coming?! I had so many mojitos this summer, I thought it was due time to plant some mint in my garden. I did put it in a "vault" a la the master Montgomery County Master Gardeners.

So what YOU cooking, good looking?


  1. Hi, Wendy. You have mouth-watering dishes this week. I have written a post about the common banana plant with the intentiont to join you here.

    I'm sorry the banana fruits does not come from my garden but I have included a link with 34 recipes on ways to cook the banana. During this season of Hari Raya, a lot of banana leaves, fruits and flowers are used in the cooking of Malaysian dishes. We make main dishes, snacks, chips, cakes, ice-cream, shakes, fritters and desserts using the banana.

  2. OH, THose mojitos look good and I don't even drink that much. Along with that Satan burger, you have a great combo. Oddly, like our household, hubby has the burger and I would have the noodles. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Yummy soba!! Those Satan burgers look good!

  4. I need a Satan burger!! I don't think I have good enough veggies to participate. Is it okay if I grab your badge and put it on my blog anyway? Fab idea!

  5. LOL @ the "Satan Burger". Looks a little on the hot side for me! Those noodles look tasty though, and I would totally join you for mojitos, yum!
    I posted my recipe - just a simple side-dish this week, since I needed to use up some carrots.
    Happy Cooking (and Gardening!)

  6. great looking food and drinks - I must be immature, the drink that appealed the most was the 5year old one. I didn't understand the mint vault reference until I checked the link. Yes: mint should defintiely be in a vault, mine are in three pots.

  7. That pasta dish looks awesome and that burger is making mouth water. Thanks for sharing the pictures of such awesome homemade meals.

  8. Something is awry with uploading photos on my site, but the recipe is there, and it's a good one.

  9. Wished I could plant something edible in my shaded garden but I guess I have to do with what I can.
    Its surely an enjoyable meal... yummy.

  10. Satan Burger??? LOL...I love it. It sure looks tasty.

  11. Looks awesome (I'm commin' to your house)!

  12. Wendy, your noodles look delish and that satan burger definitely looks intriguing. I will have to show the pic to Keith and see if he can make something like that next time we barbeque. The mommy/kids drinks are just cute.

    I keep meaning to participate in this GTTC, but Saturdays are just too hectic for me at the end of the week and I haven't been able to get my act together. Maybe I'll just have to do it a day late, but one of these days soon, I would love to participate!


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