Saturday, July 17, 2010

1st blogiversary giveaway!

Chinese wax gourd seeds. The melons develop a waxy coating when fully mature, hence the name. These are also called winter melons, are not sweet, and are typically used in soups.

In celebration of a year of my gardening ramblings and of the people who humor me by actually reading about them, I'm giving away seeds. I'm really humbled and thankful for the people who visit this silly little blog. I've loved meeting fellow bloggers this past year! I could go on about all the meaningful ways in which my life has been affected since I've created this blog exactly one year ago, but then I'd be taking up the space in which I could be discussing this seed giveaway!

Daikon radish seeds. These end up looking like gigantic white carrots and taste much milder than your typical radish. If you have dim sum this weekend, you might want to try the delicious savory radish cakes.

As a small token of appreciation, I'm going to send the first 25 people who e-mail me their names and addresses to wkspray at gmail dot com a sampling of seeds in super cute seed packets I made (I'll post on this later on). Here are the terms: though I've listed the variety of what I have below, I get to choose about 8-10 little seed packets for you. If there's something you really want, I MAY be able to accommodate, based on my limited supply. Just let me know. Also, when I say little seed packet, I mean little seed packet. Don't expect enough to fill your garden next year. Think of it as a sampling of trial sized seed packets.

Chinese long bean seeds - these plants grow on vines. The beans grow by twos and reach ridiculous lengths - they're also known as yard-long beans. They should be picked young and tender though. They are tremendous stir fried!

I know some people do not need/want seeds - if this is you and you've reached this point in this post, please know how much I appreciate you! It's kept me shamelessly posting for 12 months and counting!


All seeds are organic. Most are heirloom. Some are saved by me or my father. Some are purchased. Most are saved for this year. Some are from last year but still have good germination rates.

Chinese wax gourd
Asian sweet melon (like a small honeydew melon)
Daikon radish
Chinese long bean
Thai eggplant
Luffa gourd (angled)
Luffa gourd (smooth - can be eaten or left to dry for sponges)
Malabar spinach (Chinese vining spinach)
Flowers: Russian mammoth sunflower, cleome, salvia, gomphrena, marigold
Broccoli: early purple sprouting, green calabrese sprouting
Peppers: sweet banana, Thai burapa, sweet red,
Charentais melon (a small sweet orange melon)
Imperial star artichoke, marketmore 76 cukes, butternut squash, tomatillo verde
Selection of herbs: cilantro, giant of Italy parsley, Genovese basil, fine verde basil,
Selection of lettuces: lettuce mix, Swiss chard rainbow lights, mache


  1. It is going to be fun seeing seeds going global. Should I email my address to Even if I am the 26th person, i hope you can still send a few seeds... haha...

  2. oh yeah, international OK. I love how this blog has connected me with amazing people all over the world! What's a little extra in postage??! :)

    Bangchik - e-mail me your mailing address!

  3. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! Hopefully, I can make it to your list. BTW, the wax gourd seeds look like the 'kua chee'seeds that we crack open and eat as snacks.

  4. Oh Wendy.

    Happy Blogiversary. Its been such a pleasure finding your blog and learning about new vegetables. Wish you many more years of growing and happy blogging.

    I'd would have loved to have entered your lovely giveaway, but as you know i have limited growing space, so will give it a pass this time, but its a kind offer. Thank you.

  5. Happy 1st blogiversary Wendy! Oh you are so generous. I have a number of new seeds at hand that I have not sown yet. These seeds will keep me busy till end of the year. Will have to wait for your next seed giving/2nd blogiversary ;-)

  6. Hearty congratulations on your blog anniversary, Wendy! It's one of my favorites.

  7. You have packed a lot into one short year, and built quite a following. Congrats!

  8. Happy Anniversary Wendy! That's a very generous way of celebration. When others join groups to send good and love intentions for those struck with calamities, you are giving food. You will be further blessed. And a lot of people will be happy, blessed and will bless you too. thanks for being a beautiful soul.

  9. A huge congrats, Wendy! Now life is separated into BB and AB or Before Blogging and After Blogging, which begs the question, what did we do with all of that time we had BB? Well, for me, one thing's for sure my house was a lot cleaner.

    Not a seed gal but thank you for the offer.

    Here's to many more years of successful and enjoyable blogging.

  10. Congrats to you Wendy! I never considered your blog silly. I love it and visiting is always a pleasure!

    Have you received 25 e-mails yet?
    If not I will give it a try.

    Thanks for all the nice comments you left on my blog and I am so glad I met ya through blogging.

  11. Thanks everyone!!

    I still have some seeds left - e-mail me if you want some!

  12. You are so kind, Wendy. I'll pass on the seeds but, a fun bloggin'' buddy, will continue to catch up. Happy Blogiversary!

  13. Dang it! I can't believe I missed your first blogaversary. Hope it was a happy one, and sorry I got here belated, Wendy. Your blog is lovely, and I've enjoyed coming here to see your garden's progress, and your fascinating exotic recipe series, and your master gardening journey. :)

    I'd love some seeds, if you still have a few packets left. Hand-saved seed is precious, little envelopes of life. I'll drop you a line, just in case. ;)

  14. Happy 1st Anniversary.

    Glad that I stumbled upon your blog. This is my first time and I feel so lucky to read that you are giving away seeds to the 25 e-mailers. I hope I make it to your list. It's going to be a great birthday present for me as I will be celebrating my birthday in 15 mins time. My email will be on the way soon.

  15. Hi Wendy, couldn't help noticing your mention of 'Bee pollen' over at Rosebelle's place.
    My wife and I have been taking Bee Pollen tablets, a tablet a day with Royal jelly past 35 years...without fail, and as well Chinese green tea....and I don't have to trade in for a younger new model, ha ha.
    So far so good, still feeling young, ha ha.

    You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  16. yay..happy blogaversay! Congrats..i enjoy your blog and it is super-fun to visit always..keep shining! Wonderful post!

  17. Wendy, Wendy, I can't believe it has only been a year since we met. Happy Blogaversary!

  18. Congratulation in your Blogaversary!
    Its amazing how one year had passed by.
    I really love to receive some of the sunflower seeds you mention.
    (if they are still available)
    Hope I'm not too late to request them.
    Regardless, really enjoy your lovely comments and your garden write-ups.

  19. awww, thanks everyone! Grace, you're so right. I sure there was much more time to watch tv BB.

    Still have some seeds left guys!! James and Rosey, send me your address via e-mail!


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