Thursday, July 15, 2010

GBBD - July 2010

Wow, is it July already? Lilies confirm yes. Visit May Dreams Gardens to see what others have blooming on this month's Bloom Day. Don't forget to come back here - first ever GIVEAWAY to be announced very soon!!!

My 5-year old said the orange lily looked like a pumpkin squeezing out weenies. I hope I didn't just ruin it for you - but isn't it so true?
From a bargain bag of daylilies used to dot the slope in my backyard. These were all planted in slightly amended clay (virtually brick!) and rocks in mostly shade and after a few years, are finally starting to thrive.

The peach-colored sibling of the pardancanda above.

A very reliable and very pretty shrub rose.

The trifecta for every long-blooming perennial garden - echinacea, moonbeam coreopsis, and Russian sage.

Echinops - ehhh...comme ci comme ca.

Verbena - I love it!

Finally, clematis crystal falls - currently reblooming and color-changing...

I hope your flower garden is full of color, life and constant reblooms and free of rust, mildew and Japanese beetles.


  1. aloha wendy,

    i love your photos of your beautiful flowers especially all those lillie-quite spectacular-i bet those must smell amazing!

    thanks for sharing your blooms today.

  2. Out of the mouthes of babes. That is just what is looks like. Crack me up.

  3. I guess you can always count on a five-year-old to transform the mood of a garden from serenity to hilarity!

  4. Love all your daylilies.
    Impressed to see you got blackberry lily too..
    And yes, July is fast approaching for the month to end.

  5. Your rose is so pretty! And of course your lilies... they are gorgeous!! Your pardancanda is wonderful as well!!! Enjoy your beautiful garden Wendy. My garden has lesser blooms, nonetheless colourful and constantly reblooming ;-D

  6. Oh my gracious, looking at your photos makes me wish I could grow flowers! Everything looks so beautiful, I wish I lived close enough to take a tour of your beautiful gardens. I'm really impressed, Wendy. Great job!
    I planted half a dozen day lily bulbs this year. I'm not real confident that any of them are going to live for very long. But then, I'm only capable of growing veggies so it's really no surprise.

  7. Wonderful blooms from your garden. Your lilies are absolutely gorgeous. Mine are just about all done. Seems like they bloomed and finished so quickly, probably because it's so hot I just glance and run inside to the air conditioning. Love seeing what you have growing there.

  8. haha... i am beginning to feel like a 5 year old, looking at pumpkin lilies... yeah, when we let loose, imagination can stretch far... ~bangchik

  9. Such gorgeous gorgeous blooms..beautiful! I love them all..gorgeous shots..yay..that was fun..a colorfeast for the eyes!
    have a happy wkd!

  10. Your 5-year-old has unusual vision. As soon as I looked again, I could see it so clearly! Cute. ;)

    Gorgeous blooms, Wendy. I especially liked the shot of the bee up to his waist deep in the flower. Almost like a drunken sailor drinking straight from the barrel.


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