Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grace's summer garden

My friend Grace and her summer garden... Enjoy!!

Above: Malabar spinach that will grow up the impromptu (and very lovely) trellis/plant stand. This contraption was saved from the trash. Below: Meet Goldie. Goldie is an octuplet. She and her sibs will keep mosquitoes out of Grace's rain barrel.

A baby lime. This plant sits next to its cousin, the Meyer lemon.

I'm breaking my promise not to post this photo, but in it, you can see how much fun Grace has. Her way is to constantly seek the joy in life. She says this swing gets REALLY fun once you get past the height of the wood pile. If she really really wants me to, I'll remove this photo. But blog readers, you don't want me to take this out, do you?? Hopefully she'll be OK that I at least posted a distant shot and that she's not facing the camera. :)

Raspberry season has begun!

The following photos show some beautiful summer-blooming plants and combinations... The first is my personal favorite.


  1. What a beautiful yard, and I love her swing-that's a great picture!

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. What an awesome perennial garden! I'm glad you gave us a glimpse of Grace's salvage of an impromptu trellis, her clever method of keeping the mosquitoes under control, and her playful nature on the swing. A gardener to admire. :)

    I did not realize I'd missed your birthday, Wendy. Hope it was a beautiful day -- and many happy returns!

  3. I'm seriously thinking of collecting rain water in a barrel. I didn't know mosquitoes are attracted to rain barrels. Now I know.

    Grace has a huge garden. I wish I have a fraction of what she has. Is that a pink mushroom next to the orange flowers?

  4. Wa her yellow calla is lovely! I love her garden. She has nice flowering plants. Btw, that's a really tall swing! Hope she stopped at certain height he he...

    Thanks for the garden tour Wendy. I enjoyed it very much. Have a great weekend!

  5. There are a lot of flowering plants. Very pretty and some extremely exotic. So nice to stop and enjoy the SWINGING time.... ~bangchik

  6. I'm really enjoying your garden "tours"! Keep 'em coming!

  7. Keep the photo on this post!

    Her garden is amazing...quite a talented gardener she is.

    I keep seeing pictures of lemons and limes on blogs and I am jealous as heck. That would be my dream come true to eat a lemon I grew myself!

    Happy Fourth to you!

  8. Very pretty! What's the purple one? It kind of looks like it's waving it's fingers? Love it's cute personality... :)

  9. That's a great summer garden, and totally different from the plants in mine, with the exception of the echinacea. I vote for keeping the swing photo--It shows that the garden is also a place where you live!

  10. I enjoyed seeing Grace's garden. I think that may be veronica, 'Sunny Border Blue' looking like a person waving his or her arms. I love the photo of her swinging. That makes me want to find a spot for a swing.

  11. I want Grace to be my garden mentor! You are so lucky, Wendy. I can tell from her plantings and the swing that this woman is a real jewel.

    Please tell her that we love the photo of her in the swing. It's inspiring. I bet we could all learn a lot from her. No wonder YOU'RE such an awesome person.

  12. Wow, I love those blooms in Grace's garden. Wish I have them in my own garden. Pls say hi to Grace and thanks for sharing this garden with all of us.


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