Saturday, June 19, 2010

John's garden

John wouldn't let me take his photo, which I can more than understand since we don't necessarily look picture perfect when we're working in the garden. Plus, I would imagine some people might be slightly guarded when a stranger stops and asks to take their picture- even when she claims to be a neighbor. John did turn off his hedge trimmers though and took a short break to chat about his garden. Framing his yard are numerous boxwoods and other shrubs that he likes to keep in natural but tidy shape. I didn't take a photo of the hedges as it looked like he was just starting and I'd sure be upset if someone took a picture of my "before" work to post on the Internet.

So on my run this morning, I did shoot one of the expansive garden beds situated within the boxwood hedge. These lovely garden beds on John's corner lot have always caught my eye as they're tall, mature, and just scream wildlife habitat. Turns out John enjoys his garden for just that reason as well. John mentioned the critters who make their homes in his garden, "...butterflies, bees, birds,chipmunks, even several bunnies. And THAT guy over there..." (as he points to a white cat crossing the street towards his house). I ask,"You welcome him too?" To which he responds, "Welcome? Yeah, one of these days I'll have a welcome for it!"


  1. So cool that you're meeting folks this way! I keep thinking about it, ever since I saw that first post you made about neighbors' gardens.... but I'm too shy to just walk up and talk to someone. Go you, for having the guts to do it! It'll be so neat for you to have gardening friends in your area to chat with and share with.

  2. Wendy: I am also a little shy to talk to the strangers even they are my neighbours. There are several houses in my neighbourhood have very lovely front yard, and I always wanted to talk to the owners. But I don't have the courages to knock their door to talk, hope someday I can see them working in the front yard. Meeting the people nearby who shares the same gardening interests is sure a beautiful thing!

  3. A gardener with a unique preference and a good sense of humour. Excellent! Love his garden.

  4. Beautiful vignette, so lush!
    Mentioning the bunnies is interesting. After I moved from Chicago a new development was built and all the rabbits that had lived on the land invaded the neighborhood gardens. Seems they decimated perennial plantings, etc. I take it 'John' does not experience the same thing?
    And good for you... out for a run! I need to move from here into the sunshine for a good long walk.

  5. hi Wendy, I am thinking "what a waste when this beautiful garden encounters winter again"! If this is mine i will suffer from depression, hehe!

  6. I can identify with the cat thing. Our next door neighbor has a cat that lives to hunt. I encourage wildlife. The little garter snake that used to sun itself on my cement step? Gone: last seen writhing in the cat's jaws. Several cardinals and assorted fledglings? Also taken by that cat. I have a dog, but she never strays off our property. Doesn't seem fair, does it?


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